Openrepos Statistics update

Update for Openrepos Statistics pages.

Now you can observe download details for concrete package versions!
Total downloads, downloads for selected period and geo distribution.

If you have deleted package, stats are remains, but no nice package name will available, so it will will be shown like 'Package id: 8159'. Probably, names will be restored, but I'm not sure about it.

Downloads for all versions:

Downloads for specific version:


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i have persecute it once worked but now it says logging failure how are you brother

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Ask developer at application thread

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There seems to be no download statistics after 04/29/2015. Noticed this first in Warehouse (SFOS).

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Thanks for the info! I'm looking into it.

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Issue is resolved now. All downloads numbers are restored from logs.

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That was fast, thanks! I guess the country data is lost for the past few days, but that's nothing major.

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Oh, havent noticed that ;) country data will be updated as well.