Patch: Instantly hide pin digits

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This patch simply instantly hides the typed digits when inserting lock or pin code.

UPDATE: since sfos digits are immediatly obfuscated when inserting the device lock code, but they aren't when inserting the pin code; that means that since version 0.2-1 this patch is needed only to hide digits when inserting the pin.

Tested only on jolla 1, OS version:

- From sfos, use version 0.2-2;

- From sfos 2.0.2 up to sfos 2.1.4, use version 0.1-1.


Patchmanager needed:



This is my first patch!! I want to thank @coderus for his youtube video guides and @dax89 for his patience on answering my silly questions :D

Application versions: 

0.2-2: add sfos 2.2.0 as requirement to .spec file

0.2-1: update for sfos

0.1-1: first version


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@babba22, v0.2-1 is offered as an update (in Storeman) under SFOS 2.1.4 for v0.1-1, but I hesitate to update to v0.2-1, as you explicitly denote that it is for SFOS 2.2.0 (likely it will install fine, but fail to be applied in Patchmanager under SFOS 2.1.4).
This seems to be an RPM packaging issue. IMHO v0.2-1 shall be only installable under SFOS >= 2.2.0 (per RPM spec file).

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Can you try to check now if you can install version 0.2-2?

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Sure: Fixed, v0.2 is not offered as an update in Storeman under SailfishOS 2.1.4 anymore.


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Yes, you are right, my mistake! Hopefully this evening I'll be able to check how to do that, thank you for bringing it up to me

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Just awesome. Thanks! (works on Xperia X Compact

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Thank you!