Korean Keyboard

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Korean 2-set keyboard layout and hangul input method for Sailfish OS.

Allows for rapid switching between hangul and latin letters through the symbol key.

Application versions: 
File keyboard-ko-hangul-0.4.1-1.armv7hl.rpm7.75 KB25/01/2016 - 15:38


  • Corrected issue where attempting to write compound consonant padchim 'ᆴ' would produce 'ᆵ' instead


  • Keyboard layout is now compatible with Sailfish OS versions 1.1.4 and later
  • Symbol set toggling logic code redone (quick picking now works reliably)


  • Package renamed to keyboard-ko-hangul from jolla-hangul, to avoid using names reserved for official jolla packages
  • Return key now always functions as return key (no need to press return twice on unconfirmed input)


  • Correction to the hangul layout ('ㅐ' and 'ㅔ' positions swapped)
  • Shift key now works correctly on latin layout mode
  • Shift key is no longer sticky on hangul layout mode


  • Added support for quickly switching between hangul and latin alphabet input through the symbol key
  • Compound consonants are now handled correctly when erasing through the syllable under entry


ddaggebi's picture

Problem with the lastest sailfish release(
I can install it and choose it as active keyboard, but just english keyboard shows.
If you can, please fix this as soon as you can(not trying to sound rude, I am not very good at english).
Thank you.

Penguin's picture

Package names should not start with "jolla-" or "sailfish-" as those are reserved for OS packages.

toxip's picture

Nice job! Too bad the keyboard doesn't work in Android apps.

Edit: sometimes it doesn't. Reinstalled it and now it works on android again.

thlaine's picture

Thank you! This makes life with my Jolla much easier.

There is a tiny issue in the ko_hangul.qml file. The 'ㅐ' character should be mapped under the same key with 'o' and the 'ㅔ' character should be under 'p'. Currently they are reversed on my phone. Shifted hangul characters seem to be fine. Please check it out.

Ascense's picture

Thank you very much for notifying me! I will fix the layout today, along with some corrections to shift key behavior.

winfriedd's picture

Thanks a lot! 

I was waiting for this and it works great.