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Sharing provider for DLNA Pushup allows you to push images and videos from your phone's gallery to DLNA or UPnP capable rendering devices. Ongoing shares can be cancelled using the phone's transfer dialogs. Please note that the device will reboot after a fresh installation / upgrade from a version < 0.3.0.

Application versions: 
File pushup_0.3.0-1_armel.deb182.21 KB04/03/2014 - 23:43

korva (0.3.0-1) UNRELEASED; urgency=low

* Fix compatibility with devices that require a file extension.
* Add defalt icon if the device does not provide one.
* Fix an endless loop if TransportLocked is permanent.
* Unshare file if resoling TransportLocked failed.
* Fix minor memory leaks.
* Several fixes in the commandline client.
* Make meta-data more DLNA-compliant.
* Drop libffi dependency.
* Fix the icon in the share dialog.
* Add currently active shares to list of transfers; this enables cancelling
of a share operation.
* Fall-back to basic meta-data extraction if tracker does not know about a