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With FotoShareN9 you can share your pictures with the cloud. It uploads your pictures to a server of your choice, or different cloud services DIRECTLY IN THE MOMENT your picture is shot! Share them, easy and save.


  • Upload to Dropbox, Google Drive, Flickr
  • Upload on a server via ftp, sftp or scp
  • startup FotoShareN9 daemon on boot
  • Wifi only upload
  • optional video upload
  • selectable notification types
  • instant or interval upload
  • logfile support
Application versions: 
File fotoshare_1.6.1.deb1.23 MB04/03/2014 - 23:43
File fotoshare_1.6.2.deb1.23 MB10/02/2014 - 18:11

A bug in the resize option was fixed, that prevented pictures from resizing and uploading.


kwhitefoot's picture

When installing it says it needs to download some supporting files but this fails.  When I do it via the Warehouse app on my N9 I get a brief message with a url that looks like a Nokia url that is probably not valid anymore.

hooddy's picture

It can't sync photos with flickr connected. connection test is ok but doesn't sync. After going to link flickr page and press Ok button there is 404 page. But Fotoshare wrote it's linked and test connection is ok. Rollback to version 1.6.1 do nothing. Where do I wrong?

kot_bayun's picture

After upgrade 1.6.2 app doesn't running.