Persian keyboard layout

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Persian keyboard layout for SailfishOS 1.1.4+

[FA] صفحه‌کلید فارسی


  • Supports Persian/Arabic diacritics
  • Supports both Persian and English Numbers
  • Supports Persian-specific spacing characters, zero width non-joiner (فاصله‌ی مجازی یا نیم‌فاصله) and zero width joiner (اتصال مجازی)
  • Punctuation marks also available by long tap on "dot" (.)
  • Additional Arabic characters available on long tap
  • Disabled autocaps
  • Support split keyboard feature available from 1.1.4 on

Known issues:

  • Doesn't support check spelling
  • Doesn't show non-printable characters, LRM, RLM, ZWNJ, ZWJ.

Problematic characters:

Zero width non-joiner (ZWNJ): between space and dot keys
Zero width joiner (ZWJ): SYM2 د
Arabic tatweel/kashida: SYM2 ZWNJ
Left-to-right mark (LRM): SYM2 ط
Right-to-left mark (RLM): SYM2 چ
Arabic thousand separator: SYM1 below the number ۱ (the default font may display it the same as Arabic comma, but it's different – it will be displayed perfectly by a Persian font, e.g. Koodak)
Arabic decimal separator: SYM1 below the number ۲ (the same as above)
When using parentheses, brackets, etc, start from left to right; i.e. first tap on the left one then on the right one

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Application versions: 


  • Remove shift button
  • Make the layout more similar to Android standard layout and my keyboard layout for Ubuntu


  • Added BSD license
  • Add launcher icon to easily remove

0.3 - Back to 11-11-8 layout :|

  • Re-enabled caps lock
  • 10-10-7 layout
  • Shift key now works as it should (disabled autocaps, disabled caps lock)
  • Will learn words, making it easy to insert shifted chracters without shift!