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GPS logger: shows/collects positioning data, also in background, can save in a textfile. Installation:

  • devel-su rpm -Uvh harbour-gpstuff-0*

Note: works on Sailfish 1.1 (also tested on SailfishX 2.1.3) but requires manual installation of libQt5Positioning and libQt5Location because Jolla does not yet provide it by default. Before installing for the first time, use this command:

  • devel-su pkcon install qt5-qtpositioning qt5-qtlocation

GPL-licensed sources available on github.




- added GPX 1.0 save format


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The "Requires" tag in the spec file included qt5-qtlocation >= 5.2 since its first public release in January 2015 (you can verify in the sources on github), but if you try to compile using the latest SDK (1707) the rpm validator will still fail because qtlocation is not yet an approved dependency (even if back in 2015 they said they would fix in an upcoming SailfishOS release, the recently released SailfishX does not include by default qt5-qtlocation).

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<p>Why do I demand user to manually install dependencies? It should be package manager's job. These packages should be specified in 'Requires:' tag in spec file. Or maybe 'Recommends:' if requires is prone to break OS update process if required package disappears from repos.</p>