Volume Up

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Simple mod that makes the volume of calls while talking a little louder.
  -sources are taken here: http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=83361 

After installation reboot the device

Mod replaces the original file /usr/share/pulseaudio/alsa-mixer/paths/nokia-dfl61-twl4030-output-earpiece.conf
which changed the following parameters: 
[Element DAC2 Digital Coarse]
Volume = 2

[Element DAC2 Digital Fine]
volume = 100 

As a result, when you call it a friend heard a little louder

When you delete the original file mode returns


Application versions: 
File volumeup_1.0_armel.deb32.86 KB13/05/2014 - 15:08
File volumeup_1.1_armel.deb16.22 KB14/01/2015 - 10:13

1.1 (beta)

* added: 

             volume-limit = 18 # steps 0-18, 0: -24dB 12: 0dB 17: 10dB 18: 12dB

       Element Earpiece
       volume = 2


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Отличное приложение. Громкость разговорного динамика стала более чем достаточной

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Does it change

volume-limit = 17 # steps 0-18, 0: -24dB 12: 0dB 17: 10dB 18: 12dB


volume-limit = 18 # steps 0-18, 0: -24dB 12: 0dB 17: 10dB 18: 12dB


[Element Earpiece]
volume = 2


[Element Earpiece]
volume = 3

as well?

If not, can you add that please?

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Ok, I look at it .. look what I can do

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Very nice, thanks! ^^

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changes in the spoken sound obvious?

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Yes, very much.

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ok! cool!

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I cannot install it... 

Error E: Sub-process

Tried with download and install too : Installation aborted...


What's the problem ? thanks !

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imat, nokia n9 harmattan? 

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yes, not in dev mode

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dev mod not needed. 

try: download Deb through a browser, 
install on your phone manually (tap on the downloaded file) 
tell me what happens ...

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Thanks for support.

It says :

Installation, then

Installation failed

Installation interrupted

Pic : http://i.imgur.com/UAB2rCG.png

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imat, maybe the problem is not with volumup 

1) Look at the list of installed programs, if there was incorrectly installed packages (marked with "!") 
2) If everything is well, try to install any other application from openrepos 
3) If other applications are installed, then you will need to include dev-mod and watch that tells "dpkg -i ..." 
ps - Sorry for bad english))

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I think it worked.

I could not install some apps, so I turned into dev-mode, and I could install your mod.

Thanks, great mod, I can finally hear my correspondents

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very glad that everything worked out! ))

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seems to work fine :)

it was the first time I had to press vol. down button on my N9 during a call ;))



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accidentally delete one koment))) I'm sorry)))

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Patchmanager same for Sailfish ... this mod only harmattan ... 

In theory, such events can be made for Sailfish, but there are several gprof principle


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Thank you for this mode, however, I think that this mod would be better distributed as a patch for PatchManager as it is much safer method.

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I tested this mod 5 device, each of them was seen improvement. 
But if you do not happen - let us know ... we'll see in more detail ..

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Oh, I am sorry - my fault, I thought it was for SailfishOS. I'll try it on N9 then :)