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WhatsApp for Nokia N9, as you may know, does not exist because the company has not wanted to develop the application for MeeGo, but this does not mean you can not use it. Thanks to a group of independent developers you can download and install this apps in its unofficial version, it is called WhatsupN9


I am not an author of the application.
This is an emergency backup.
I downloaded this application from Ovi Store some time before closure.
It might not be the newest available version.
Use it on your own responsibility.






Application versions: 
File whatsup_1.1.8_armel.deb5.4 MB17/09/2015 - 18:09
File whatsup_1.2.5_armel.deb5.39 MB17/09/2015 - 18:09
File whatsup_1.2.7_armel.deb5.39 MB17/09/2015 - 18:09
File whatsup_1.2.9_armel.deb5.41 MB17/10/2015 - 09:09

whatsup (1.2.9) unstable; urgency=low
* <Add change description here>


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Hi Dear, Please publish a new version

viddix24's picture

This does not work on N9. Why is it still listed on OpenRepos?

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Waiting for 1.3.3 version encryption fixed...

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In version 1.3.1 stopped working "groups". Playlist and Chat is OK - 100% - but the groups stopped working! Anyone else noticed this too?

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I have the same problem!

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Special thanks goes to ceene for this release!

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Me too! Whatsup on my Nokia N9 has been working fine for more than a month when I installed it and suddenly in the last day or so, won't log in and when I go to log in: server resonse: old_version

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My Whatsup Is Show Me old Version what We Can Do For This ?
Is There Any Update Fot Whatsup , please Is There An update for it Upload It .

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Buenas tardes desde el dia de ayer dejo de funcionar la apliacion whatsup ojala lo puedan solucionar ya que de verdad el telefono es una maravilla asi como el programa espero pronta respuesta si pueden hacer una version 1.3.0 seria de maravilla

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El dia de hoy (22 enero 2016)  dejo de funcionar whatsup 1.2.9....alguien sabe si ya no va a funcionar nuevamente???

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My whatsup stopped working since today's morning. If I do registration again, it throws error 'old version'. Any workaround?

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hi, my whatsup giving error of  old version for whatsup_1.2.9_armel.deb

what should i do. now whatsup is working no more ..

can there be an option for whatsupweb like whatsappweb

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How can i download last version?
that old version 1.2.9 
have a link?

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My whatsup started telling old version for whatsup_1.2.9_armel.deb could you please give us the latest version and let us know from where you are getting this files.

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yes me need to at morning not open and connect say old version 
how can i download latest version?

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Funciona de maravilla!!...Gracias por darle Vida a mi N9!!...Saludos desde Aguascalientes,MÉXICO!!!

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i cannot do registration of my number, where is the problem ?


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Thanks a lot

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is there any chance that the whatsup will work again one day?

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<p>Hola... Tengo un N9 recientemente lo he comprado, sinceramente el teléfono me gusta muchísimo, pero tengo problemas para utilizar esta aplicación (el cliente unoficial de whatsapp), se desconecta y ya no me llegan mensajes luego de cierto tiempo vuelve a funcionar pero lo tengo q cerrar y abrir varias veces para que ande, me pueden decir como soluciono el problema de sincronizacion?</p>
ya que me gustaria conservar el telefono si me funcionase normal el WHATSUP.


<p>saludos de Paraguay</p>