Dutch Keyboard with Arrows

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Dutch dictionary version of English Keyboard with Arrows by tmi,  with 2 or 4 arrow keys for SailfishOS 2.1.0.x and up. Also includes a keyboard with a symbol layout inspired by iOS + accented & special characters used in many European languages.

After install, please enable wanted keyboards in Settings->Text Input->Keyboards.

Requires package Arrow Keyboard Common. You will have to enable tmi's repo for that.

Sources on github

Application versions: 
File nl-arrows-keyboard-0.0.1-0.noarch.rpm5.06 KB01/03/2017 - 23:48
File nl-arrows-keyboard-0.0.2-0.noarch.rpm9.23 KB04/11/2018 - 19:36

- Fixed small typo which prevented SFOS3 keyboard swipe from working properly.


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Your are right, these buttons are somewhat smaller than on the default keyboards. It is a screenshot from the Jolla 1.

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Ok, thanks! I'll have to update my Jolla 1 sometime soon and see if the keys will need adjusting.

EDIT: I believe I fixed it. The update has been uploaded.

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Hmm, I do not notice any difference after the update (keyboard restarted to be sure).

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Strange, I did notice the difference on my Jolla 1. The two keys' updated width on the Spacebar Row won't of course be as wide as without arrows but the difference should still be clearly noticeable compared to your screenshot.

I'll double check later tonight that the package upgrades correctly. For now, all I can suggest is re-checking that arrowboard-common-1.0.1-1 (not 1.0.-1) is installed and maybe uninstalling and re-installing as a last measure. Sorry for the inconvenience.

(EDIT: typos)

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I think I was too quick in my judgement. There is indeed a small difference, the arrow on the enter key has a bit of margin to the side now for example.

Thank for the swift change.

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Ok, good! This was a quick fix but there is still some room for fine tuning with the widths, so an update or two regarding those might appear in the near future. I cannot yet test with a tablet but that shouldn't really be an issue as the screen is a lot wider.

EDIT: Trimmed and adjusted the Spacebar key widths a bit more in the 1.0.2 update. I tried to keep the keys within usable size while still having a large enough Spacebar for both, Jolla 1 and Jolla C.

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BTW, what device is the screenshot from? The Symbol and Enter key look very thin so I got curious and installed the keyboard but at least on Jolla C the keys are wider (like they should).