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SyncEvolution allows you to sync your contacts and calendar with SyncML and CalDAV/CardDAV servers on the Internet.NOTE: On sailfish (possibly earlier releases as well) syncevolution is somehow unable to create its config directory. If you have issues creating a service in the UI, do the following on the device:

$ devel-su
# mkdir /home/nemo/.config/syncevolution
# chown nemo:privileged /home/nemo/.config/syncevolution
# chmod go-rx /home/nemo/.config/syncevolution


Original work from ovekaaven at


Note: Ove's source archive contains a local git repository combined with many uncommitted additions and drop-in dependencies. I have added these uncommitted changes to git, converted drop-in dependencies to git submodules when possible, and forward-ported the additions onto SyncEvolution 1.5.3.


The cleaned up source is now available at


Bitcoin donations welcome: 3NhheF8z8sTxpbsCVUpW6HWH8DpADoH46m

Application versions: 
File syncevolution-1.5.3-1.armv7hl.rpm2.09 MB12/12/2018 - 17:38
File syncevolution-1.5.3-1.i486.rpm2.36 MB12/12/2018 - 18:00

built against SailfishOS-


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I was able to sync only once. The same configuration didn't work since then. I get error codes: 20017 local, status 20048

Any ideas how to fix the issue? I'm trying to sync Jolla C with Baïkal server.

Edit service:
Removal of Sync URL doesn't persist. The URL keeps coming back after removing.

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Sorry, I'm afraid I don't know much about the internals of syncevolution, I just forward-ported and packaged it, together with Ove's UI patches. For the error codes, see the link I added in a previous comment. 20048 indicates a local data store issue.. If all else fails, clean your addressbook and/or calendar and the syncevolution config and start over (and MAKE SURE to have an export/backup). DON'T clean calendar/addressbook and keep syncevolution config since it will then clean the serverside data too.

Good luck, and again sorry I don't have an easy fix :/

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I am not so sure yet about this cleaning of the addressbook... I guess I would first really have to learn how the backup/restore works.

My impression is that on my Xperia X, the first sync worked after the update to, but now it fails saying

[ERROR] addressbook: bad content in response (local, status 20006)
[ERROR] error code from Synthesis engine bad content in response (local, status 20006)

Any idea what could be done about that?

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With the new sailfish upgrade, it seems as if again this solution no longer works. It complains about a missing Is there any chance to get this fixed again?

I miss syncevolution badly...


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I am in the process of working through the steaming pile of autotools crap to get a new build ready. No promises, but I managed last time, so if the SDK didn't change too much..
Edit: done!

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Thanks, I am hugely grateful for this, and syncevolution installed without any problems.

Unfortunately, it does not quite sync yet. Trying a "slow" sync between SF3 on an xperia x and memotoo, I see this

[INFO] addressbook: resuming first time sync, two-way (peer is server)
[INFO] creating complete data backup of datastore addressbook before sync (because it was enabled with dumpData)
[INFO] addressbook: sent 50/4399
[INFO] addressbook: resumed first time sync done unsuccessfully
[ERROR] addressbook: local, status 10400
[INFO] creating complete data backup after sync (because it was enabled with dumpData)

I cannot figure out what 10400 means. Any suggestions?

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the sync seems to have worked, but it is really frustrating to not have a location where error codes are clearly explained. A new attempt gave this

[INFO] addressbook: resuming slow sync, two-way (peer is server)
[INFO] addressbook: resumed slow sync done unsuccessfully
[ERROR] addressbook: local, status 20048
[ERROR] error code from Synthesis engine local, status 20048

What means "20048" and what is one to do about it?

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This error is coming from the libsynthesis library. Its source is located here.

This header file contains the error codes. 20048 looks like there's a problem with the local datastore.

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No not really unfortunately. I've always avoided slow-sync as it nuked my addressbook on a few occasions :(

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Thank you, I am so pleased that I found this. I have used syncevolution for years, first on my N900 and now on my jolla, but with the sailfish updates it was broken. Your version here made my phone syncable again - thanks a lot!

Actually, the only thing I can't figure out myself is how I would add a repo to my zypper installation so that this stays alive even for future updates?

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Just use Warehouse (the openrepos package tool) and enable my repository

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I just trying to install SyncEvol via Warehouse, but unlucky

its need //usr/bin/pithon but there no python on my phone :(

as i found all pyton scripts of syncevol placed in TEST folder of sources so i guess there no need to it for correct working

my be just sync-ui binary and libs not more

can you build an version of syncev without that pyton deps?