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QR-Code share-plugin for nemotransferengine-qt5. Supports sharing mime-types "text/vcard" and"text/x-url", ie. contacts and links. Show them to others by tilting your phone top down. NOTE: install one of the language packages to get proper UI strings!

Source available at https://github.com/Acce0ss/harbour-qr-share-plugin. Uses qqr.js for generating codes, available at https://github.com/M4rtinK/qqr.js

Occasionally code generating bugs out, giving only the mask of the code. Restarting the app you're sharing from should help, currently investigating reasons for this.

Languages are available in separate packages, due to transfer-engine loading plugin translations without taking locale into account. Therefore, if you install more than one of the language packages, only one of them will ever be used.

Application versions: 

v. 0.4-1
- added separate language packages

v. 0.3-1
- fix bug in pulldown menu

v. 0.2-1
- Added downsideUp feature requested by Vattuvarg
- Some cosmetic changes (rounded border for code, code always centered)
- Hopefully stabilized the code generation a bit

v. 0.1-1
- Initial release


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Not working with JP 1 v.

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Looks like the QR-code share plugin will have to be recompiled against new transferengine in Sailfish 2.2 - it no longer works and actully crashes the transfer engine (same issue the Android share plugin had before Coderus update it). The issue & what has to be done is described in this email from the sailfish devel mailing list:


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It might makes sense to upload the translations as a separate packages here at openrepos, because the warehouse installer does not find them and downloading and installing them separately is not the most convinent way.

Thanks in advance!

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Great program, been waiting for a long time.

However, sharing contacts seem to generate mostly empty codes. Links work just fine, however.

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yeah, it is a known bug, unfortunately i haven't been able determine the steps to always reproduce it. It occasionally happens in contacts or browser, but not both. Usually restarting the app helps, but apparently not always. I'm working on this, if you can find out the steps to reproduce it would help debugging greatly.

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I'm trying to figure it out now, I presume the problem is within the qqr.js library.

I can reproduce it when I run jolla-contacts from launcher — it doesn't work. When I run it from terminal or ssh, it generates QR-codes just fine.

My phone locale is en_GB (English UK), just in case. Maybe it has something to do with it, haven't tried the others yet.

Will get back to you if I'll catch this one.

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hmm, since you have dev mode on, you could try commenting out the .pragma library -line in qqr.js java script file. iit's located at /usr/lib/qt5/qml/fi/lahdemaki/QQRCode/. The lib should be then reloaded.into memory when new instance of the qml ui is created, although I'm not sure if the bug is in that or somewhere deeper in the generating code.

Edit: the problem is most likely between lines 888 and 933 in https://github.com/Acce0ss/qqr.js/blob/master/qqr.js, since commenting this part out makes the "mask only" code always.