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First public release. Added switches states.

Home Assistant is python based home automation tool.

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File harbour-hass-client-0.2-1.armv7hl.rpm180.03 KB03/06/2017 - 23:03



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Hi aa13q,
I have a sonoff switch with tasmota firmware flashed and working. I was hoping that I could use your app to control by basic switch. The app installed and runs, but when I enter my sonoff ip address and port number and hit enter, nothing happens, any ideas?

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Hi, I installed this via warehouse, but it won't start.. What's wrong?



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Hi, Sanpo! Thank you for the test!
I'm afraid it could be due to some probllems with QtWebsockets library.
What device and what SFOS version?
Is it convenient for you to provide output from the console command:

pkcon get-details qt5-qtwebsockets
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I'm using Jolla C and latest Sailfish version. Very interested of your app :)



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Thank you! :)

I also have updated Jolla C.
I see your screenshot and that's what I'm thinking of: the mess with repos :(
As you can see in output, you have 3 custom repos that are containing qtwebsockets that we need: mine (#3), abranson (#2) and icoderus (#1). Are you a rockpool user too as me? :)

The problem is the #2 and #1 have higher versions but actually outdated (current sailfish version have Qt5.6 in system, but #1 and #2 are probably libraries for previous Qt5.2 system). Thats why my app is trying to use icoderus version with higher version number, but crashing due to incompatible qt version (5.6 vs 5.2). I also should be seen if you start harbour-hass-client from terminal.

I will write to Andrey icoderus and to Andrew abranson and ask them could they update their websockets libraries, but for now it's possible just to install websockets version from me.

It would be awesome of course if Jolla could provide official backport so we don't need this three similar repos.

Do you need additional help how to install mine version? (For my Jolla C I temporary disabled icoderus and abranson repos to install my websockets library)

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Thank you for your reply. I'm not using Rockpool anymore cause I have Pebble 2 and it's not compatible... 

Yes, I would like to install your version so I can test your app. 

Thanks :)

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simpler method that probably should work: search for 'websockets' in warehouse, remove installed and try to install mine (qt5-websockets by aa13q with white icon -- it somehow not installed automatically for you due to andrey and andrew enabled repos).
If not helping, try 'my profile' page in warehouse, long press for 'coderus' - disable and 'abranson' -- disable, 'refresh' in main menu and try to install mine build again.
if not helping, I will try to provide terminal command

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Still not working. When I uninstall websockets from coderus, it uninstalls your app too.. When I install your app it installs coderus websockets.jolla or something. I installed your websockets too, not working

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did you managed to disable coderus and abranson repos from warerouse and refresh? as an alternative you could try this sequence of terminal commands (devel-su command will ask you developer mode connection password that could be configured in phone settings):

pkcon repo-disable openrepos-abranson
pkcon repo-disable openrepos-coderus
pkcon refresh
pkcon install harbour-hass-client
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Now it says 'installation aborted by user' :D 

After I installed websockets by you, I can install hass-client but it installs websockets by coderus at the same time. No matter is Coderus-repo disabled or not. Weird... :/

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I will do factory reset to my Jolla, it is bit messy anyway I think..

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Sorry for inconvenience! Did you managed to reset it?

Anyway, I've asked coderus and he said that sailfish 2.1.1 (is/will be) with websockets included, woohoo! :)

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Yes, homeassistant client is running now :) Should it work in local network (without static ip etc..)? When I set host socket to what I think it has to be, app freezes.. Sorry to bothering you ;)


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Now it works. When I tried to set my host socket, it freezed when I was at Then I tried this;, it didn't freeze, but it didn't work either. Then I just erased 'http://' and went back and that's it, works!


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thank you! added filter for http/s prefix

but of course it needs a lot of additional work to provide full functionality

moving logic to c++ is my next planning iteration

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Great to hear! :)