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WhoGo Maps is a full-featured app for maps and navigation with a flexible selection of mostly OpenStreetMap-based maps and related service providers. WhoGo Maps requires the Mapbox GL Native QML component for map display, supporting both vector and raster maps with OpenGL accelerated rendering.

Offline maps, search and routing is possible with OSM Scout Server. WhoGo Maps will list OSM Scout Server among the providers if you have it installed. For it work, you'll also need to have the server running and map data on your device. See the OSM Scout Server documentation for details.

Voice navigation requires that you manually install a text-to-speech (TTS) engine – Mimic, Flite, PicoTTS and Espeak are supported. Their quality is about in that order, with Mimic being best and Espeak being worst, but their language and gender coverage varies.

Source code and issue tracker are available at GitHub. Translations at Transifex. Discussion at TMO.

Donations appreciated: paypal.me/otsaloma



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axolotl's picture

Thanks for your answer.
My local OSM Scout Server maps are Berlin and surrounding region and are OK (checked with modRana).
I've marked a point in the center of Berlin (confirmed by activating an online map provider), but still get HTTP 418 response when switching to local OSM Scout Server.
Do I have to redownload the maps (did an update two days ago)?
BTW: with online maps your app looks awesome and feels smooth on my J1.

rinigus's picture

Please check that you have profile in OSM Scout Server with Mapboxgl maps. You should use profile with vector tiles. The default profile supports only raster tiles and that's probably the issue.

axolotl's picture

Yes, it was that simple. Changed profile to vector tiles (wasn't aware of this setting), updated my maps subscription.
Works great with Valhalla navigation and voice output (even in German).
Thanks very much!

TamarindoJuice's picture

While trying to install i got an error related to mapboxgl-qml missing or something like that.

Edit: Solved installing the missing plugin.

Caballlero's picture

Soo pretty WhoGo 3D, thanks.

minitreintje's picture

It's really a nice upgrade from Poor Maps! Congrats!

carmenfdezb's picture

Wow!!! Thank you for your effort, this app looks very nice!!! It's only me or voice navigation doesn't work? This option works perfect in poor maps

otsaloma's picture

It should work with the same dependencies, same way. Just note that settings are not carried over from Poor Maps. So check that you select the correct language from the Navigation screen and once the route is found, tap the navigation block at the top of the screen to turn voice navigation on, and finally check your volume level.

Also, note that translations are not yet included, I'll set up Transifex soon.

carmenfdezb's picture

Ok, thanks for your quick answer. I will check settings and try again tomorrow

itdoesntmatt's picture

I would have opted for Hugo maps :) indeed. Anyway the name is not important..it is as always a great app

itdoesntmatt's picture

Great...just curious, why this name?

otsaloma's picture

It's a pun on MeeGo and HERE WeGo. Also, nice pronounciation, like Hugo.

TamarindoJuice's picture

Great job!

lutinotmalin's picture

Nice ! But what if we already have Poor Maps installed ? Is Poor Maps discontinued ?

otsaloma's picture

If WhoGo Maps turns out to work fine, mainly that the Mapbox GL component is stable on modern devices, then Poor Maps will likely be put in minimal maintenance mode, meaning if new SFOS releases require some adaptation, that will be done, but no new features and nothing that would require a lot of work.

lutinotmalin's picture

All right, I uninstalled Poor Maps and gave a try to WhoGo and it's like day and night, very good job, lot smoother. It seems that these two apps share a lot of common lines regarding the translation thing, so don't hesitate to use once again the Transifex files from Poor Maps to WhoGo !

ferlanero's picture

Wow! PoorMaps second generation? :D Thanks! Great work!!