gPodder (Harmattan)

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The original podcast client with full integration to and a unique user interface, supporting YouTube, Soundcloud, Vimeo and classic audio/video feeds.

gPodder will help you manage and synchronize your podcast subscription and listening status (including resuming, streaming and downloading). Discover new, free content via's podcast directory.




Application versions: 

This is a bugfix release on top of gPodder 3.8.2 that fixes some incompatibilities and an extraneous icon. See for details.


breakbones's picture

how to install for N9 only says try again when try to install

hairberry's picture

Thanks for the update!

salyavin's picture

This is by far my all time favorite podcasting client. Love the syncing and the big play que.

hairberry's picture

Thanks very much for the continued support. Looking forward to be using this great app on Blackberry 10 as well.

thp's picture

The additional icon will be fixed in the next release, it's fixed in Git here already:

(Harmattan doesn't seem to support the NoDisplay standard)

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And what is another icon? "gpodder ( Subscrible to feed )" 

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Thomas, is it possible to add functionality: 
sleep timer that would play the podcast to stay after a specified period of time ?