IRC for Sailfish (communi)

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This an updated version of IRC for Sailfish with updated components from the main project

and some features that are not merged (yet). Every change is listed in the changelog below.

The first and foremost IRC client for Sailfish, based on the Communi IRC framework.



  • J-P Nurmi - jpnurmi
  • Timur Kristóf - Venemo
  • Robin Burchell - w00t


  • Stephan Beyerle - Morpog
  • Stanisław Dac - stsdc




- rebuild against 2.2.x SDK


- Added fixes from upstream to build with Sailfish OS >=

- Removed/disabled quassel support

- Added features from lyro_merge:

- Add Filter for topic and info messages in channels

- Add settings option to hide channel topic messages

- Hide rejoin messages


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Hey, thanks for the app. Using it regularly since the first version released in the early age of Sailfish.

Is DCC a planned feature? It would be awesome to have it.

flypig's picture

I used to get reboots (see my earlier comments!), but since upgrading to SFOS3 (Sailfish X on Xperia X) I no longer experience them. That's using the version from the Jolla Store.

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My Sailfish X doesn't reboot with this app, but I've got another odd problem compared to the Jolla store version - I'm in a lot of developer-oriented rooms who have auto github bots and the like, but the bot posts seem to just appear in whatever channel I've actually selected rather than keeping themselves in their own channel.

I've tried flicking the switches in the settings panel but it's still happening!

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So, I guess the obvious question is, did the new update fix the reboots on Sailfish X? The Harbour version and this update from February is sadly unusable on Xperia because of the reboots.

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Thanks for updating the app. Now it is possible to install it. It has a bug (not sure if is the app or Sailfish X bug) when I try to use ir in my Xperia (single sim mode) it makes my phone to reboot. Steps to reproduce the bug:

1- Open the app

2- Connect to an IRC network

3. Close the app

This steps makes the phone to reboot. If you tell me how to do it, I will be happy to provide you logs or whatever you need to check this :D

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Any news on this?

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You can enable developer mode, login via ssh on your phone run:

harbour-communi 2>&1 |tee harbour-communi.log

I'm using a Xperia X too and I doubt that's the issue.

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I thought I'd have a go building the source and running it through the debugger, but calling git submodule update --init gives the following:

fatal: remote error:
  Repository not found.
fatal: clone of 'git://' into submodule path 'src/3rdparty/quassel' failed

Can I get this code from anywhere else?

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You need to use a different branch, my branch is lyro_merge.

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I also experience this on an Xperia X. Everything seems to work fine, but closing the app causes the phone to reboot. It's a real shame, as it's great otherwise. Obviously it isn't really usable if this happens :(

I logged the output over SSH as you suggested, but it doesn't look very interesting:

[D] unknown:0 - Using Wayland-EGL
[W] unknown:0 - QMetaType::registerTypedef: -- Type name 'Communi::IrcUserModel*' previously registered as typedef of 'Communi::IrcUserModel*' [1154], now registering as typedef of '::Communi::IrcUserModel*' [1139].