Currency Converter

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Convert currencies using data from Yahoo! Finance.

  • Select to and/or from the dropdown list and the converted amount will be updated.
  • Change the amount to be converted and the result will be updated.
  • Selected currencies and amount is saved between sessions.
  • Refresh selected convertion when no activity for a user defined period of time, or by request.
  • Selected exchange rates is shown real-time on the home screen cover.
  • Swap currently selected currencies.
  • Select number of decimals to show result with.

Please add feature requests and bug reports to the issue tracker

Source code is available at Github


Translations are done at Transifex

If you want to be able to see hints and comments, choose to use the 'old' editor and look under 'details' if you're unsure what a text string means, or what its context is.


The awesome icon is made by Alain M  @capricotwi04


Application versions: 
File harbour-currencyconverter-0.2-1.armv7hl.rpm46.34 KB08/02/2014 - 01:43


  • Add settings for number of decimals to show in the result.
  • Adjust CurrencyCombo to changes in Silica ComboBox in
  • Last currencies weren't being used on start after update to



zaidk9's picture

Great app

harmattan Port Please :)

tanghus's picture

I never got to develop for Harmattan, so I don't really know what it would require.

I also see SailfishOS as the natural successor to Meego/Harmattan, so I'm afraid a backport isn't gonna happen.