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Sailbook is an unofficial Facebook client for Sailfish OS.
  • Browse your timeline
  • Send messages
  • See upcoming events
  • Sailfish OS style
  • Themes: Sailfish Ambience, Facebook & Nightmode
  • Native notifications
  • Highly customizable: UI, notifications, theme, ...
  • Open source & free
  • 2 factor authentication
  • Embedded browser
  • Integrated videoplayer
Sailbook is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0
Source code:
Donation are welcome :)


Transifex project

In case a language is missing, you can request it. Feel free to translate Sailbook in your language, the translations are updated with every release.

Application versions: 
harbour-sailbook-10.1-2.armv7hl.rpm1.02 MB01/02/2018 - 15:27
harbour-sailbook-10.1-2.i486.rpm1.02 MB01/02/2018 - 15:27
harbour-sailbook-10.1-3.armv7hl.rpm1.29 MB09/02/2018 - 23:21
harbour-sailbook-10.1-3.i486.rpm1.29 MB09/02/2018 - 23:21
v10.1-release 3
- [TRANSLATIONS] Updated translations
- [ADDED TRANSLATION] Brasil language
- [UPDATE] Updated translations page with the new languages and flags

v10.1-release 2 
- [MINOR BUGFIX] Fixed Hungarian translation include

- [NEW] Select which type of notifications you want to receive in Settings
- [TRANSLATIONS] Updated translations

- [MAJOR BUGFIX] Search not shown

- [MINOR BUGFIX] Sailbook only makes his own directories when it's actually used
- [MINOR BUGFIX] Fixed logger spacing in title
- [MAJOR BUGFIX] Revert Ambience CSS theme since rendering fails due other Facebook CSS elements and QTWebkit
- [STORE] Jolla Store release version based on SFOS 2.1.2.X
- [STORE] Visual assets updated
- [TRANSLATIONS] Updated translations
- [STORE] Visual assets updated
- [MINOR BUGFIX] Removed Pyotherside dependency from YAML file
- [MAJOR BUGFIX] Logfile is cleared with every launch, avoids incrementing diskspace
- [NEW] Unified logging system using a single log file
- [NEW] QT Resource System taken in use, all assets are now compiled into the binary for faster access
- [NEW] Automatically reconnect to the network using DBus
- [NEW] Tapping on a notification will open the according tab in Sailbook
- [IMPROVEMENT] Better link handling
- [IMPROVEMENT] Versioning is now better handled
- [IMPROVEMENT] Version is now read from RPM when building
- [IMPROVEMENT] New C++ download engine for images
- [IMPROVEMENT] Notifications are now using a C++ version which provides better integration in SFOS
- [IMPROVEMENT] Ambience theme has transparency now
- [IMPROVEMENT] Youtube videos are now opened in the Browser
- [IMPROVEMENT] Moved from Python to C++ backend- 
- [IMPROVEMENT] Components and JS files are now in a seperate folder for easier maintaining
- [IMPROVEMENT] Silica Devicepixelratio API taken in use for the webviews
- [STORE] Harbour compatible from SFOS 2.1.1

- [MINOR BUGFIX] External links webview won't crash anymore with new splashscreen
- [IMPROVEMENT] Notification backend now uses events

- [IMPROVEMENT] Nightmode
- [NEW] Nightmode ambience
- [IMPROVEMENT] Fix for comments / hide of view switcher

- [IMPROVEMENT] Fix for comments / hide of view switcher
- [IMPROVEMENT] Loading screen

- [OPTIMIZE] Cover

- [MINOR BUGFIX] Lock pulley menu when loading.
- [IMPROVEMENT] Translations formatting improved in SettingsPage
- [NEW] Sort your timeline by Most Recent or by Top Stories.

- [UPDATE] Update some changed translation files.
- [UPDATE] Tranlators screen updated to a new layout.
- [FIX] Small UI bugs.

- [FIX] Useragent updated, so that Facobook dont show the message update your browser. 
- [UPDATE] About screen updated to a new layout + the translators page also updated to a new UI layout.
- [FIX] Small bug into the clean cache, Sailbook should be faster now.

- [ADD] Adding polish translator to the about screen.
- [ADD] Adding polish language.

- [UPDATED] Adding spanish translator to the about screen.
- [FIX] Adding missing spanish translation.

- [UPDATE] Update youtube-dl to the lasted version. (Thanks to mupuf)

- [OPTIMIZE] Webcache of Sailbook.
- [FIX] Fixes Tablet i486 issues (tested in emulator only!)

- [NEW] Clean up the c++ code
- [NEW] Sailbook is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0

- [OPTIMIZE] Memory use on device
- [UPDATED] Germany translation
- [COMPILED] With the lasted SDK 1701-1

- [MINOR BUGFIX] Fix mobile network connection issue

- [IMPROVEMENT] Logout button (disabled by default, can be found into the settings)
- [IMPROVEMENT] Notifications is closed when read

- [MINOR BUGFIX] Automatic clean cache
- [NEW] Added liked pages

- [MINOR BUGFIX] Notifications setting fixed
- [IMPROVEMENT] Cover numbers
- [IMPROVEMENT] The menu bar can now be customized
- [IMPROVEMENT] Netwerk status is monitored and reported to the user
- [NEW] Sailbook has now it's own menu icons thanks to Alain Molteni
- [NEW] Added French translation thank to Ohaneje Emeka
- [NEW] View your Facebook groups
- [NEW] Nightmode
- [NEW] Download attachments from messages, Sailbook stores this in ~/Downloads/Sailbook
- [NEW] Choose a custom filename when you download an attachment

- [NEW] View your upcoming Facebook events
- [NEW] Added setting to switch off the native videoplayer

- [BUGFIX] Fix a bug into the automatically clearing the cache at startup
- [MAJOR BUGFIX] Reduced battery and CPU usage
- [IMPROVEMENT] New image picker based on the Sailfish Browser image picker
- [NEW] Added setting to select how fast the notifications are polled
- [NEW] Added debug mode, launch Sailbook from the terminal as followed: harbour-sailbook debug

- [MAJOR UPGRADE] Redesigned UI
- [MAJOR UPGRADE] Rewritten JS code
- [MAJOR UPGRADE] Rewritten Python code, now all users can use notifications without setting their Facebook language
- [NEW] Themes: use your Ambience colors or the Facebook colors in Sailbook

- Recode the webview code.
- Fix a few small bugs into the .js code.
- When you click one time into the Sailbook menu on "Exit Sailbook" the cache will be cleaned.
- When you click two times into the Sailbook menu on "Exit Sailbook" Sailbook wil do a normal exit.
- Remove the option into the menu to clear the cache.

- Small fix:
- When you click one time into the Sailbook menu on "Exit Sailbook" the cache will be cleaned.
- When you click two times into the Sailbook menu on "Exit Sailbook" Sailbook wil do a normal exit.
- You have still the option into the menu to clear the cache when you like.

- Sailbook now store the cache loading on device on that way Sailbook will load faster.
- Scroll will be act better now.
- About screen UI changes.
- Translation updated.
- Translation screen UI changes.

- Adding a option to clear the cache.
- Some UI changes, and small bug fixes.


fsxedart's picture

Thank you! Much better than using the Android app. 

Malakay's picture

Hi guys, please help - I have Nexus 4 with SFOS and trying to install. But error appears - nothing provides When I tried to install Leszek´s rpms to solve this, it tells me the same error. I have installed QT5 and QT5-tools via pkcon, but it didn´t help. So tell me please, what to do :(

TamarindoJuice's picture

Update your Sailfish port version, it's probably too old and has no new qt libs.

kuba77's picture

For Nexus 4 there is no usable 2.1 port :-( I have Nexus 4 too so I'm using version 8.2 of Sailbook with some my edits (e.g. fixed search page).

Sailbook's picture

You port is to old you need add last 2.1+ of Sailfish OS and up.

TamarindoJuice's picture

Please check your transifex page, i'm submiting a new language request, i have some free time and i want to contribute with the project...

Sailbook's picture

Hi, thanks yes we have note that the language is added and will be on the next release. Thanks!

minitreintje's picture

That's a bug related to Facebook with QtWebkit, I'm sorry.

skyjumper's picture


Another issue to report. When I have a new friend accept my friend request, I cannot get rid of the notification of a new friend in Sailbook without going into FB itself. The notification continues to appear and no amount of clicking it will remove it. Annoying.

Thanks :-)

lpc's picture

I noticed that scrolling on the timeline is really laggy on my xperia x. Any clue? Also sometimes, the messages are appearing in very small, looks like the resolution/scaling is broken...

Sailbook's picture


This is becoss of a bug into the QTWebkit Jolla need to fix that.

lpc's picture


Thank you for this wonderful piece of code! I have 1 thing that is really annoying me however. When in messenger, I noticed that when I type a very long text, the textbox doesn't grow up. That is, I can't move the cursor to edit my message or to review the beginning of my message. Would it be possible to fix that?

Thank you

minitreintje's picture

That's related to Facebook, I can't fix that... It annoyes me as well.

skyjumper's picture


I can't seem to get the Search magnifying glass on main toolbar to work. Touching on it just goes to the Notification screen.

As well, when clicking on an event and selecting whether attending, the screen immediately goes to the feed screen and I have no chance to select going/not going.

Finally, the font sometimes goes very small and a few reloads of the main feed are needed.

minitreintje's picture

Thanks for you report! However I can't reproduce all of your issues:

  • Search thingy, I can reproduce this. Facebook must change the URL or something
  • Attending an event, works fine here. Sometimes Facebook changes the HTML per user for testing purposes, I had some weird issues in the past that were gone after several hours.
  • The font is related to QtWebkit, which device and QtWebkit are you using (default Jolla or Leszek's)?

The search thing will be fixed soon.

skyjumper's picture

Hi, yep I'm using the standard Jolla.

ps now for the search function I get the search page and "This page you requested was not found"

minitreintje's picture

Indeed but the search is available, ignore the error. It's a workaround before a proper fix in V10.1

The Leszeks version has less the font issue...

minitreintje's picture

A hotfix is available now!

lpc's picture


The search function does not work on my JollaC. Do you have any clues for fixing this?


minitreintje's picture

Works fine here, you to click enter before it really search...

minitreintje's picture

You can provide the log file from /home/nemo/.cache/harbour-sailbook/logging/log.txt
There are still bugs in the QtWebkit implementation on the Xperia X, which needs fixing by Jolla.

jayki's picture

Hey, thanks for this nixe app! I really loved it on my Jolla C. Unfortunately on the Xperia X it's verry lagging when scrolling :( Do you think you have an Idea how to fix this? I woukd really miss this nice app on Sailfish X.

Sailbook's picture


I have found a solution today.

Install the QTwebkit update from Leszek then the scrolling and act from Sailbook is mutch better.


So you need version 5.212.0-10.43.1 currently as this is the newest version. See the dates in the repo url:

So download the rpms : 

  • libqtwebkit5-5.212.0-10.43.1.jolla.{armv7hl/i486}.rpm
  • libqtwebkit5-widgets-5.212.0-10.43.1.jolla.{armv7hl/i486}.rpm
  • qt5-qtqml-import-webkitplugin-5.212.0-10.43.1.jolla.{armv7hl/i486}.rpm
  • qt5-qtqml-import-webkitplugin-experimental-5.212.0-10.43.1.jolla.{armv7hl/i486}.rpm
  • qt5-qtwebkit-uiprocess-launcher-5.212.0-10.43.1.jolla.{armv7hl/i486}.rpm

save them into a folder on your device. 

Then either ssh into your device or open up the terminal and cd into the folder where the rpms are stored and install the rpms with pkcon install-local *.rpm

dizzi90's picture

I tried doing this manually without success. It even broke the browser.

I then followed your instuctions:

# ssh nemo@xperiax
curl -O
curl -O
curl -O
curl -O
curl -O

devel-su pkcon install-local *.rpm


Now the browser works, but sailbook won't start at all.

Tried reinstalling sailbook. No difference.

Tell me if I should provide any logging.

Sailbook's picture


I have notice this also i think there are still some bugs into sfos for the X, as when i was using the community port for the X, i dont have that problem.

shijo's picture

I have a dependency error while installing  , im using sailfish


      error: Failed dependencies: is needed by harbour-sailbook-9.5-1.armv7hl is needed by harbour-sailbook-9.5-1.armv7hl is needed by harbour-sailbook-9.5-1.armv7hl

Sailbook's picture


You need to have add last 2.1+ older version of sfos are not support anymore sorry...

akikk69's picture

Very nice app, but eat so match ram memory what is sad :/

minitreintje's picture

V9.5.1 should bring some improvements here. The rest of the RAM is eaten up by QTWebkit so that's not something we can do about it.

Sailbook's picture



We aware of that and try to find a better solution to fix this, as now it do a lot on the background for the notifications...