Whisperfish [alpha - README]

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Whisperfish is the progress of being rewritten to use the upstream libsignal-protocol-c library. It is mostly non-functional, and an such please do not install, except if you want want to provide us feedback.

What to expect

If you have no previously configured and working Whisperfish 0.5.0 installation, the application will not work. Otherwise, if you have most of the default settings:

  • The listing of sessions
  • Reading and deleting messages
  • Significantly faster to start and load than Whisperfish 0.5.0
  • Receiving messages and attachments, but no sending!
    Reception of attachments may fail for some installations or configurations. Please contact me if that happens.

I need feedback

If you are in the above mentioned condition, but the app behaves strangely or slow (I have a strong dislike for slow software) to you, please get in touch on Matrix #whisperfish:rubdos.be or on Freenode (#whisperfish), file an issue, or send an email to whisperfish-alpha1 [at] rubdos [dot] be . If it works well already, alse let me know! That's good for morale.

Development and progress

Follow the progress of the rework in the 0.6 milestone on Gitlab. If you are interested in contributing, contact me on Gitlab. If you want to discuss development, join the discussion on Matrix #whisperfish:rubdos.be.

There are nightly builds (in form of RPM) available on Gitlab. As soon as there is a version that makes sense to post here, it'll be there! Thanks for the support, feel free to buy me a coffee :-)

License note

The original Whisperfish 0.5.0, by Andrew, was released under GPLv3+. Since we are using the upstream code of Signal themselves, partly licensed under AGPLv3+, the whole of Whisperfish 0.6.0 falls under AGPLv3+.

Application versions: 

Whisperfish 0.6.0 (planned)

The milestone on Gitlab for this release

  • Feature parity with Whisperfish 0.5.0

Whisperfish 0.6.0-alpha.3 (in progress)

The milestone on Gitlab for this release

  • Sending messages

Whisperfish 0.6.0-alpha.2

The milestone on Gitlab for this release

  • Receiving messages and their attachments

Whisperfish 0.6.0-alpha.1

The milestone on Gitlab for this release


predator2019's picture

Ok, great.

predator2019's picture

Thanx for your work! Sailors need this app really! I am liitle unsure to install 0.6. on my mobile. Is it safe to install it? Any experience on an Inoi R7?

rubdos's picture

No. Please do not install it yet, it's a work in progress. I will update the app description when it becomes safe.  Feel free to join us on Matrix for further discussion (or on Freenode #whisperfish)!

Nokius's picture

Is there anyway to support you?
do you need testing devices or some clubmate?

Thanks for you work!!

rubdos's picture

When I reach 0.6-alpha, I'll install a coffee-donate-button (maybe even in the App) :-)

I've got a nice Xperia 10 here to work on, no need for devices at this point. What does help is nagging me now and then, here, on Gitlab, on IRC (I made #whisperfish on Freenode) or Matrix (#whisperfish:rubdos.be).

EDIT, I've made a [Liberapay profile](https://liberapay.com/rubdos/), where you can sponser said coffee. I'll start advertising that in the main description when I reach alpha :-)

nephros's picture

Yes, reliably backing up the data would be very useful, I have repeatedly lost media and conversation history through reinstall/re-registrering.

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nephros's picture

Hey, nice to see some activity in this area. Would it be possible to enable co-existence with the 0.5 version? It ia working ok for me but I would like to test your version as well.

rubdos's picture

I don't think I'm going to do that, since that would introduce two migration paths. I'm also quite confident that protocol-wise, it'll be impossible to "downgrade" an account at a certain point.

Either way, I'll clearly state so in here and on Gitlab while it's alpha or beta quality. I don't plan to release anything called "stable" if it's on not on par (feature wise) with the original! I'll also provide instructions on how to back-up your 0.5 data if you would want to alpha/beta-test.