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Sailphoto is an application to view your images in the folders they reside. Openingpage is a list with saved locations and a combobox with choices home/nemo and mediacard. Clicking one of the choices brings you in the filesystem to select the folders to save in the openingspage. Browsing through the file system you can see the folders and files of the directory you are in.

In slideshowview you can hide buttonrow and header with filename. Press and hold the picture will bring them back again.

This is an beta release. The gui is largely finished and the performance is much better then the previous release and the orientation issue with the image in filepage is fixed.

Known errors:

  • in filespage the height of the folderlist is not changed when the contextmenu (dis)appears and files are shown.
Application versions: 
File harbour-sailphoto-0.7-3.armv7hl.rpm45.65 KB07/02/2018 - 00:07
File harbour-sailphoto-0.7-3.i486.rpm49.63 KB07/02/2018 - 00:07
File harbour-sailphoto-0.6-1.armv7hl.rpm44.81 KB22/06/2017 - 12:36
File harbour-sailphoto-0.6-1.i486.rpm49.54 KB22/06/2017 - 12:38
File harbour-sailphoto-0.5-1.armv7hl.rpm44.54 KB12/04/2017 - 23:45
File harbour-sailphoto-0.5-1.i486.rpm49.2 KB12/04/2017 - 23:45

harbour-sailphoto 0.8-1, next release with possible changes:

  • color differences in the files page: white for the folders with folders and/or files, ambience color for the folders without.
  • improved animations of opening/closing the context menu including the adaption of the height of the folderlist (increase/ decrease) and the height of the grid with the pictures (decrease/ increase)
  • filedir icon in header is hidden when there are no files and folders in the directory
  • trying to get start and end date as search criteria and present the search result in the files page.
  • keeping the flickable area as large as the picture is.
  • changed the two docked panels into 1 at the bottom that is hidden by default. The panel can be opened by press and hold the image. The panel had the play/pause slideshow button and the image filename. Press en hold the image filename will open the picture in the gallery app.

harbour-sailphoto 0.7-3


  • small fix to handle database actions correct


  • improved flicking performance
  • added doubleclick to enlarge the image
  • disabled flicking when image is enlarged
  • start slideshowview will shrink the image first
  • slideshow is stopped when app is brought to the background


  • added busyindicator to indicate loading of images in directory with lots of images.

harbour-sailphoto 0.6-1


  • added button to hide buttonrow and header with filename

harbour-sailphoto 0.5-1


  • added button (with gallery icon) to open image in jolla-gallery app

harbour-sailphoto 0.4-1


  • improved animation when image is enlarged and then screen is double clicked: the image will be reduced neatly
  • added slideshow functionality (start/stop button).

harbour-sailphoto 0.3-1


  • improved thumbnail loading performance
  • animation for folderlist height


  • improved image loading performance
  • fixed: orientation of loaded images
  • added filename in pageheader
  • image zoom (limited to 4 times view height and width)


  • fixed: update of search result when searching for the second time with other filetype(s)

harbour-sailphoto 0.2-1

New icon


  • added two coveractions


  • Double click image after resizing results in animated return to screen size
  • Text label as viewplaceholder for image that has filesize zero


  • Image are sorted on time ascending. 
  • Text label as viewplaceholder for image that has filesize zero
  • Fixed: Fileview.height when orientation is landscape and folders are not shown


  • added searchoptions: sort on time and name, ascending and descending
  • search on fileType


harbour-sailphoto 0.1-1

Initial version


rgrnetalk's picture

The delegate with the flickable and the pincharea is very heavy to load. I'm working on it to get a smoother flick.

asleep's picture

I've waited for so long for this app and finally some1 did it :-D ! I really appreciate it!

Thank you very much!

rgrnetalk's picture

Glad you like it, thanks for the comment!

feodoran's picture

is it possible to add .pdf support?

rgrnetalk's picture

Pdf is a format for documents, why add it to a photo viewer app? (and what's wrong with the documents app for pdf files?)

feodoran's picture

pdf can be used for any kind of graphics. I have a couple of vector graphics (stuff like plots, diagrams, flow charts etc.). With the documents app I can't filter by directory and get a preview of those, which of course make little sense for multi paged documents, but I have single paged figures.

rgrnetalk's picture

I suggest using the filebrowser app to select the directory and open the document. The documents app will be used for showing the pdf...



feodoran's picture

Filebrower does not show previews/thumbnails (or did I miss something?), which is the whole point of your app.

rgrnetalk's picture

Ok, understand the use case now. But Sailphoto uses the nemo thumbnail provider that can provide thumbnails of image files. Pdf format is not an image format so sailphoto will not work for pdfs and adding it means too much work.  

feodoran's picture

I'd like to test this on the Tablet, could you provide an i386 build as well?

rgrnetalk's picture

Here it is.. keep in mind that the gui is designed for phone format only, so the thumbnails will look ridiculous large on the tablet (and maybe the gui will look odd on some other places as well...). 

feodoran's picture

great, thanks!

Actually I like the size of the thumbnails, I would consider this as a reasonable "large thumbnail" setting. I get about 9-15 on one screen.

itdoesntmatt's picture