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Newest version available at harbour for versions < 4.1.

Sailphoto is an application to view your images in the folders they reside. Openingpage is a list with saved locations and a combobox with choices home/nemo and mediacard. Clicking one of the choices brings you in the filesystem to select the folders to save in the openingspage. Browsing through the file system you can see the folders and files of the directory you are in. Clicking one of the photos opens a page with the photo large screen

Application versions: 
File harbour-sailphoto-0.8-2.aarch64.rpm18.86 MB28/10/2021 - 23:26
File harbour-sailphoto-0.8-2.armv7hl.rpm18.86 MB28/10/2021 - 23:26
File harbour-sailphoto-0.8-2.i486.rpm18.87 MB28/10/2021 - 23:26

harbour-sailphoto 0.8-2:

  • build for aarch64
  • changed paths to home/nemo and media

harbour-sailphoto 0.8-1:

  • refactored complete page (more sailfish style)
  • improved page loading (loading a page with many pictures still takes time)
  • font color indication for content of the location :
    • highlight color: location contains folders and valid image files
    • primary: location contains only folders
    • secondary: location contains no folders and no valid image files
  • hide/ show folders in pull down menu (only visible in location with folders and image(s))
  • improved animations of opening/closing the context menu
SearchPage (still does not function correctly)
  • added start and end date as search criteria
  • cancel leads to reset of search criteria
  • press and hold the image will open and close the docked panel (default hidden)
  • only one dockedpanel at the bottom with play/ pause button and filename
  • press and hold filename will open the image file in the gallery app
  • flickable area will be as large as the picture is

harbour-sailphoto 0.7-3


  • small fix to handle database actions correct


  • improved flicking performance
  • added doubleclick to enlarge the image
  • disabled flicking when image is enlarged
  • start slideshowview will shrink the image first
  • slideshow is stopped when app is brought to the background


  • added busyindicator to indicate loading of images in directory with lots of images.

harbour-sailphoto 0.6-1


  • added button to hide buttonrow and header with filename

harbour-sailphoto 0.5-1


  • added button (with gallery icon) to open image in jolla-gallery app

harbour-sailphoto 0.4-1


  • improved animation when image is enlarged and then screen is double clicked: the image will be reduced neatly
  • added slideshow functionality (start/stop button).

harbour-sailphoto 0.3-1


  • improved thumbnail loading performance
  • animation for folderlist height


  • improved image loading performance
  • fixed: orientation of loaded images
  • added filename in pageheader
  • image zoom (limited to 4 times view height and width)


  • fixed: update of search result when searching for the second time with other filetype(s)

harbour-sailphoto 0.2-1

New icon


  • added two coveractions


  • Double click image after resizing results in animated return to screen size
  • Text label as viewplaceholder for image that has filesize zero


  • Image are sorted on time ascending. 
  • Text label as viewplaceholder for image that has filesize zero
  • Fixed: Fileview.height when orientation is landscape and folders are not shown


  • added searchoptions: sort on time and name, ascending and descending
  • search on fileType


harbour-sailphoto 0.1-1

Initial version


dennis's picture

Any idea about this error? Sadly this is the only application with some slide show for sfos! I used that application on my Xperia X ages ago (until the screen broke)


known:0 - Using Wayland-EGL
library "" not found
[W] unknown:104 - file:///usr/lib/qt5/qml/Sailfish/Silica/ViewPlaceholder.qml:104: Error:
Cannot assign [undefined] to QQuickItem*
[defaultuser@VollaPhone ~]$ community edition (volla phone without alaindravik)

rgrnetalk's picture

have you tried out the new version on harbour yet, and what is the result?

rgrnetalk's picture

Working on a new version for 4.2 which is a complete refactoring and will land in harbour. I will try to find what's wrong with the viewplaceholder before releasing, but I don't have a volla phone to test.

zipotron's picture

Hello! I just updated my phone to Xperia 10 II and really miss your app in aarch64!


rgrnetalk's picture

Now that the Sailfish SDK 3.5 early access is available, I could build the aarch64 version.

(This is a beta release.)

kohle's picture

This app is exactly what I looked for BUT I couldn't find a way to show hidden files or step into hidden folders. How can I enable the processing of hidden objects in your App?

Hans_Moser's picture

As soon as i do an update from Version 6.1 to 7.1 or 8.1 some Pictures change the direction and are wrong Portrait to Landscape or so.

VanyCat's picture

Hi, how to contact you? I want to offer a new icon for the sailslack application.

rgrnetalk's picture

start with posting it in the right app: ;-)

Vieno's picture

Run into a bug whilst trying to add the last folder. The menu 'Save location ' opens below the visible screen if the chosen folder is at the bottom of the screen and thus can't be seleted.

rgrnetalk's picture

Well spotted, thanks, will be fixed in next release.

HansRoulade's picture

Great app! One minor flaw for me though is the fact that I need to open the shown picture in the Jolla Gallery in order to share it with other apps. Could you maybe add a sharing button? :)

rgrnetalk's picture

Hello HansRoulade,

I looked into implementing your request, but it will take some time (and the available example doesn't really help). I will see what I can do... 




Historyscholar's picture

Can't scan photos and sort by photos automatically .Hope  you add this function  and Photo cover review .Thank you very  much!

rgrnetalk's picture

Working on sort functionality including filter on date.

Historyscholar's picture

Fantastic,thank you very much.

teleshoes's picture

this is still the best image-viewing app for sailfish, but whats the point, really, if its not open. i personally would pay good money for this if it was.

rgrnetalk's picture

I have had some of my other apps open and ready for donations as well. The amount of work it costed set against the donation amount made me decide to close those apps again. Sorry.

(And apart from that I'm not really satified with the app myself, but seeing the new Gallery, maybe I should put some more effort into it ;-)

teleshoes's picture

i also have the capital-letters-only dir bug in sdcard. also, its been 6months; are you sure you dont wanna open the source and accept patches and donations? ;)

these filesystem bugs are probably fairly trivial to fix for someone who can reproduce them already

rgrnetalk's picture

Hi teleshoes,

I have looked into this a little bit further and it seems that there are two things happening at the same time: on my xperia x the ordering is not logical (ABCabc), looks like the sorting isn't correct.

And the directories that has a dot in it (e.g. .android_secure isn't shown), but I think that's because the

QDir::NoDot | QDir::NoDotDot is used.

If you have other insights, please let me know.

regards, rgr

rgrnetalk's picture

Hi teleshoes,

Thanks for your comments. I haven't looked into this bug because silta stated that using a 32Gb sd card fixed the issue for him. Another work around is to rename the folders in your SD-card.

Please try this first.



silta's picture

Hi rgrnetalk,

I tried to use this app on my Xperia X, but unfortunately it doesn´t detect my photos on sdcard.

I can see the list of folders up to the last before the pictures folder and then a running circle for more than one hour and nothing happens. Inside the pictures folder are 11 subfolders with less than total 200 images. Filesystem of sdcard is ext4.

Any advices?

Thanks, silta.

rgrnetalk's picture

That's strange, no problems with my Xperia X. Could it be the filetype of the photos on the SDcard is not recognized? Sailphoto supports: [ "*.bgm","*.BGM","*.bmp","*BMP","*.bpm","*.BPM", "*.gif","*.GIF", "*.jpeg","*.JPEG" , "*.jpg", "*.JPG" , "*.pgm", "*.PGM" , "*.png", "*.PNG" ,"*.ppm", "*.PPM" , "*.svg", "*.SVG" ,"*.xbm", "*.XBM"]?

silta's picture


I figured out the following by scanning the sdcard:

1. it skips folders with small written letters and only detects folders with capitalized names

2. it stucks with running circle after detecting the first five capitalized folders.

After renaming the most folders before "Pictures" to small written names, it detects the Pictures folder witthout any problem. This happens only on sdcard. In home/nemo/ it detects all folders without problems.

Edit: I have to say that I use a 64GB sdxc sdcard. After changing to a 32GB sdhc card it detects all folders on it.

Strange, indeed.


rgrnetalk's picture

Sorry for spamming you with so many versions...

Hans_Moser's picture

Its a nice programm, but i have one question about the search order.

ist it possible to have "name in ascending order" as a default?

i already use the exif data as filenames.

rgrnetalk's picture

Using the search you should be able to change the order, however I think it's broken. I have been focusing on getting a more smoother flicking in the filepage.

Hans_Moser's picture

Of course i am able to chnange the search order.

But it would be nice, if the App remembers my last change.

rgrnetalk's picture

Next version will have search options settings (save your search preferences)

teleshoes's picture

hi! is this opensource? i cant find code anywhere. app is awesome, but-
the order of photos on sailfish X is wrong; it does (4,5,6, 1,2,3) instead of (6,5,4, 3,2,1). id like to.fix this, but ;)