ReisplannerBE (for Sailfish)

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New version of the ReisplannerBE app in jolla store, only in English. (Dutch and French translation not available in this version).

Version 24 in jolla store has Dutch as basic language and offers French as alternative (use: settings=> language => Français)

Application versions: 


Added page with network disturbance(s).


Station list updated.


Layout improvements for OS version (Iijoki):

  • all fields will fade out when text width is higher then cell width (especially in text size Huge)
  • list row height is enlarged when there is information in two lines (especially in text size Huge)


  • fixed: small adjustments in station list and addition of Arcaden station


  • fixed: information request
  • fixed: language dependent station list



Page travel opportunities: - fixed missing delay information

Page Travel details: - fixed missing delay information - Arrival time and arrival delay (if available) is shown for intermediate stations


Landscape and inverted landscape orientation is supported for all pages and larger screen format is better handled

english names in stationlist

Page Journey details (Reisdetails):
- added: intermediate stations shown when change station is clicked including departure time
  and delay or cancellation (if applicable)
  (Known error: not allways are the intermediate stations because vehicle information is not allways correct.)

Page Journey opportunities (Reismogelijkheden):
- refactoring: better handling of refresh update/ cancellation scenarios ~~
- delay or cancellation information is shown (if applicable)

- small UI improvements

Departure information page:
- corrected label colouring



olf's picture

@rgrnetalk, AFAIU it may be possible to merge this version of ReisplannerBE with the Jolla Store version, now that Dutch has become an officially supported language in SFOS.
Having a single version supporting French, Dutch and English would also minimise your maintenance efforts (currently two versions in two different repos) and avoid confusion among users (e.g., which version to use, why one version number is lower).

Many thanks for this useful SFOS program.

rgrnetalk's picture

Hi Olf,

Thank you for your kind comment. I have it planned to combine the openrepos version with the harbour version, but when I don't do maintenance, I won't profit from it ;-)

I have recently update the Dutch reisplanner app to conform (more) to Sailfish UI rules and for the next update of reisplannerBE I was planning to do the same (basically a copy & paste action). But first I have to finish the redesign of my Hud app and update Sailphoto (and possibly make it harbour compliant).

Cheers, Richard

objectifnul's picture

0.8-2 installed. Still Dutch only. No language option found. Uninstalled and back to old version (0.5-1 found in Jolla store, where no newer version exists).

rgrnetalk's picture

version 0.7-1 submitted yesterday, but harbour qa allways takes some time...

Only explanation I can think of is that the app was still open when you checked. I just installed version 0.8-2 from openrepos and it's English.

Can you pls close app (or better delete), update and check again?

objectifnul's picture

That's what I did before. Happy with 0.5-1 (and with

rgrnetalk's picture

Sorry to hear, uploaded version 0.6-1 to offer you possibility to reinstall initial version.

Don't know what causes your language problem, can't reproduce on my Jolla.

@all: If you have problem with English language, pls let me know

objectifnul's picture

Okay, thanks. No idea of where to find 0.6-1.

rgrnetalk's picture

Available on openrepos....

objectifnul's picture

OK. It didn't show up at the time I commented, sorry. Now installed.

objectifnul's picture

On my device, version 0.8-1 only displays Dutch language. No language setting available. When starting, Dutch error message says "Gegevens kunnen niet opgehaald worden, controleer de verbinding en probeer het opniew" (although the device does have a working internet connection).

Device language set to French or to English. In Harbour, only version 0.5-1 found.

rgrnetalk's picture

Thanks for letting me know.

New version is available with correct English translations.

(sorry for the inconvenience ;-)