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Finally comprehensive image editing on Sailfish OS. Imageworks is a photo editor that comes with loads of useful features, like:
- free and fixed ratio cropping
- rotation, resizing, scaling and padding
- create photo collages
- copy-paste between pictures
- instagram like filters and effects
- color and channel manipulations
- perspective transformation
- drawing, text, cut-outs
- renaming and deleting
- saving in various formats including PDF
- EXIF data and histograms
- support for alpha channels

Important announcement:
Active development of Imageworks will soon reach its end with version 0.6.2. Therefore future SailfishOS compatibility can not be garanteed. If anyone would like to continue this project, please contact me personally.

In order to use Imageworks, you need to install either slightly accelerated python3-pillow-SIMD library or trusted python3-pillow in version 7+. Make sure to have only one of them installed. Version 5 may work too, with some functions disabled.

License: MIT

Application versions: 
File harbour-simplecrop-0.5-7.armv7hl.rpm6.45 MB23/08/2020 - 12:41
File harbour-simplecrop-0.5-7.i486.rpm6.45 MB23/08/2020 - 12:41
File harbour-simplecrop-0.6-0.armv7hl.rpm6.45 MB03/09/2020 - 14:00
File harbour-simplecrop-0.6-0.i486.rpm6.45 MB03/09/2020 - 14:00
File harbour-simplecrop-0.6.1-0.armv7hl.rpm6.61 MB08/09/2020 - 10:16
File harbour-simplecrop-0.6.1-0.i486.rpm6.61 MB08/09/2020 - 10:16

- added: 2 new photo-collage generators
- added: frames and color support for collages
- warning if python3-pillow version too old (functions which require newer pillow version are disabled)
- UI refinements

- added: sharing functionality
- added: 2 new collage generators ("auto-columns", "scattered")
- show zoom levels for view (10x zoom, formerly 8x)
- added: 5 new fonts


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Happy it worked. Would you mind typing a list here of fixes you would like to see in the last version?

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can we have .csv luts support?

luts like these:


thank you!

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This time I have to pass, sorry. CSV files come in so many variations, it would take too long to find a common parsing solution for how to reliably transform all of them to something pillow could munch on. Maybe the author of these files could provide .cube or hald .png versions?

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oh, sorry for such a weird request.

but i have converted those csv files to hald cluts.

i am able to apply those with imagemagick's convert:

but imageworks cannot apply these files, i don't know why. when i open these png hald cluts, even on preview i cannot see any changes, neither i can see changes after the calculation is over.

can you test these hald cluts i generated? they work with imagemagick, but not with imageworks.

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so i understood.

the files were too big. i created 512x512 hald clut files and they work fine with your application. thanks you!

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You are welcome. Btw, active development of this app will finish with next version. Would someone be interested in taking over the project or host its source code on github?

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oh it's a pity.

but that's ok, the application basically does everything necessary.

minor fixes here and there will suffice for most people.

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cannot install python3-pillow version 7 from console, because it requires python-3.8 and i have no repo which provides it. which repo provides it?


also my storeman does not provide updates in birdzhang's python3-pillow repository.


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I see, you are using SF 3.2, and Python 3.8 came with SF 3.3 in spring. Would it be possibe to upgrade SF on your mobile? I also published 0.6-0 today. You are now able to use most functions with older pillow 5. Only those that require pillow 7 are disabled and a warning shows up. Hope that works for you.

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wow but i think i was always updating sfos, and it doesn't tell me it has an update.

right now it says: version and there is no update.

may be you get developer early updates?

ok, let me upgrade the imageworks and try to understand what is wrong with my sailfish. (:

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so thank you very much for update.

i use luts feature almost every day, i cannot stand "digital colours", so i use imageworks to process photos before posting. and this feauter is available with an older pillow as well.


so for now my problem is fixed, and i'll concentrate on the next one: updating, i somehow did not realize that i have a problem and my device is not updated. i checked - jolla is properly updated to 3.3, so i need to troubleshoot xa2.


thanks again!

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Why not combining Imageworks and Scribble to one app. It would be the perfect photo editing/paint app!? :)

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Really nice idea. They unfortunately use different approaches: Imageworks with python-pillow backend manipulates the original image with its source resolution. It takes screen inputs as relative coordinates and redraws them in a background process on the original, while Scribble uses absolute input coordinates and creates a new image only from those pixels displayed, like a screenshot. That is also why Imageworks needs user confirmation for inputs, while Scribble does not. It could work however as an unconnected 'workbench' within Imageworks, is that something beneficial for more users?

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Yes old icon is back, now only missing the source code like the mostly apps here. : )

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I have set it be default to open a image file, when i open the image file, the app launched without open that picture

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Getting better with each update!

I really liked the old icon though; is there a way to get it back? ;)

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Thank you so much :)

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Hello Planetos! First thanks for the great app. Unfortunately there's one feature missing for me (or at least I couldn't find it): Changing aspect ratio without cropping. What I mean is: There is an image with a ratio of 3:2 and you want it as 1:1. Now you can either crop it or you fill the other side with a background color (without losing a part of the image). Would it be possible to add this feature? :) This is often used when uploading to instagram especially if you upload more than one image and these have different aspect ratios.

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Function added :)

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Should be fixed now, enjoy. Sourcecode can be sent via mail.

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Hey, the thing freezes in landscape mode for me. Where can I find the source code?

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If you recently updated to SF 3.3, you need to remove python3-pillow and reinstall it. It will auto-detect the new python version during installation. Deinstall can be done using Storeman or Terminal ('devel-su' ... enter password from developer tools ... 'pkcon remove python3-pillow').

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Does the new update give you the possibility to make a fully self-contained app? Does it include the required Python libraries?

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It is possible and I am actually using it on emulator. Nonetheless there might be errors, if a second pillow version is installed on the same system and/or python updates as with SF 3.3. Safer way is to use shared libraries, so I decided to publish my work this way. If you need a custom version with python3-pillow included, you are most welcome to contact me on email, see 'about' page in app.

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I tried installing Python-3 pillow but it fails on my XA2 Plus. I would love a self-contained version via email :-)

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fantastic. I would ask for option to apply 3d LUT files, like cube.

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Included now :)

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omg this is a game changer!

thank you so much! there is no such functionality under android. so sailfish is the best now!

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Very nice, and much needed. Thank you