Patchmanager 3 Beta

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Patchmanager 3 public beta

Make sure to unapply patches before upgrade from Patchmanager 2. Installation will fail if any patch is applied.

If you have installed prepatch, please remove it before patchmanager3 installation.

Changes between version 2 and version 3:

  • Not changing original files. Patches applied to fakeroot located at /tmp/patchmanager
  • OS update friendly. Patchmanager3 automatically detects when user start downloading an update and unapplying all patches
  • Patches can be reordered to be applied in correct order. Just drag to left and drop at required position
  • Collect information about possible conflicting patches. Visit patch info page.
  • Automatic check for updates for online catalog patches. Notificaiton will popup if new version of patch will be released

Patchmanager daemon acts like proxy, filtering open calls and decide if application should open original file or fake one.

Useful environment variables:
NO_PM_PRELOAD=1 disables preload plugin from filtering calls
PM_PRELOAD_DEBUG=1 enables additional stderr output for preload plugin

Keep in mind this is beta version and should contain a lot of bugs. However it was tested for a while.

Please report all bugs to:

You can collect patchmanager logs by running:
devel-su journalctl -al _COMM=jolla-settings + _EXE=/usr/sbin/patchmanager + _EXE=/usr/bin/patchmanager-dialog > patchmanager.log

Sources available here:

Translate project:


Big thanks jakibaki for Prepatch. This was very good idea to create such way for applying patches. You can review my plugin here:


Application versions: 
File patchmanager-3.0.57-1.125.1.jolla_.armv7hl.rpm338.18 KB11/01/2019 - 17:31
File patchmanager-3.0.57-1.125.1.jolla_.i486.rpm349.84 KB11/01/2019 - 17:31

Refactored commandline mode


Vieno's picture

All my problems vanished after the recent update. Thanks a lot for the essential app.

mixmax's picture

Well, it seems to be a bug with PM3 ?... Because I reset my device, upgrade SFOS to, I didn't apply aqua-fish-to-jolla-c, and the problem is the same.
Moreover, it is impossible to install PM2 still update to PM3, storeman start to work, but stop immediatly, and stay to "uninstalled", so for the moment, I will keep my device as it stood, i.e. identified like Intex, with SFOS, PM3, least possible patches from storeman, and above all avoid reboot !
Ask me if you need more details, I will do my possible, and thanks a lot for your readiness.

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send me log


devel-su journalctl -al /usr/sbin/patchmanager > patchmanager.log

mixmax's picture

I don't understand why, but this command doesn't return anything... ??

coderus's picture

It creates file called patchmanager.log in the folder where you execute command

mixmax's picture

Why what should happen never happens with me ??? I don't find this file ! No folder /usr/sbin/patchmanager. Only files : one calls 'patchmanager' (executable), and no 'patchmanager.log'.

mixmax's picture

So, I did 'devel-su journalctl -al /usr/sbin/patchmanager > /home/nemo/patchmanager.log', and the file was created, with inside : 'Auth failed'

olf's picture

@mixmax, please issue the two commands separately:
devel-su # Log in as root
journalctl -al /usr/sbin/patchmanager > ~nemo/patchmanager.log

mixmax's picture

That's what I did. And the result is a file created, with only 'Auth failed' inside.

mixmax's picture

No prepatch...
Should I ?

objectifnul's picture

Unfortunately, some patches cannot be disabled, so I cannot upgrade patchmanager.

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Great work the idea to combine patchmanager and prepatch is just sublime. Which OS version is compatible with it? I am still on 2.1.4 is that ok and would it conflict with the newly released verson of Sailfish?

Great work once again

patchmanager3_beta's picture

patchmanager is just patch manager. os compatibility is up to patch authors :)

explit's picture

Can we use the patches from patchmager 2 with patchmanager 3?

patchmanager3_beta's picture

Sure, why not? :D