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Unofficial native client for Sailfish OS


WARNING! It's a very early alpha version! Application name does not affiliated to any other software.

Current features:

  • List recently updated applications
  • List, add/remove, enable/disable repositories
  • Show applications info similar to the official Jolla store client
  • Install/remove applications
  • All lists are scrollable, data is loaded in the background
  • Search for applications
  • Tap on the "Reply to" label on the comments list to navigate to the original comment
  • List categories and apps by categories
  • Comment, reply to comments and edit comments for apps
  • Use button panel to add HTML tags when typing comments (hint: select text and then click a button to wrap it with a tag)
  • Initial support for listing of installed apps
  • Initial support for apps bookmarks
  • Initial support for backups
  • Show categories on the applications page - tap a category label to show all related applications

Supported locales:

Report an issue:



Application versions: 
harbour-storeman-0.0.12-1.armv7hl.rpm209.92 KB04/08/2017 - 02:24
harbour-storeman-0.0.12-1.i486.rpm221.76 KB04/08/2017 - 02:24
harbour-storeman-0.0.13-1.armv7hl.rpm216.31 KB08/08/2017 - 01:04
harbour-storeman-0.0.13-1.i486.rpm228.91 KB08/08/2017 - 01:04
harbour-storeman-0.0.14-1.armv7hl.rpm231.27 KB05/09/2017 - 00:00
harbour-storeman-0.0.14-1.i486.rpm244.68 KB05/09/2017 - 00:00
harbour-storeman-0.0.15-2.armv7hl.rpm236.4 KB01/10/2017 - 14:44
harbour-storeman-0.0.15-2.i486.rpm249.75 KB01/10/2017 - 14:44

2017-10-01 • 0.0.15-2

  • Comments page - show a "Login to comment" button when user isn't authorised
  • Comments page - fix header height
  • Simplify loading of the application page
  • Add information dialog for backups
  • Installed applications page - add the "remove" item to the context menu
  • Application page - open OpenRepos links within Storeman
  • Update translations

2017-09-04 • 0.0.14-1

  • Use libsolv to read repodata
  • Fix notification messages
  • Show notifications on PackageKit errors
  • Translate PackageKit errors
  • Application page - better handling of errors
  • Initial support for backups
  • Add option to refresh repo cache from the app page
  • Update translations
  • Add Basil to the developers list

2017-08-08 • 0.0.13-1

  • Application page - show categories (tap for open the category page)
  • Application page - add opacity ramp effect for app description label
  • Application page - better layout and package status
  • Comment field - when editing a comment put the cursor to the end of the text
  • Comment field - tags panel now is flickable
  • Comment field - use Rich text as format for labels of tag buttons
  • Comment field - add new tag buttons: blockquote and code (refers GH-17)
  • Installed apps page - add menu items to update packages and show in the app list sections if updates are available
  • Repositories page - open the search page for the repo name on click
  • Drop the libzypp dependency and add the zlib dependency
  • Show notifications on packages update available
  • Install the D-BUS service file to allow start Storeman on notification clicked
  • Better handling of working status
  • Update translations

2017-08-04 • 0.0.12-1

  • Set edited comments format to Filtered HTML explicitly to avoid corruption of tags
  • Use RichText format and a piece of regex magic for better comments style
  • Comment field - add tags panel
  • Update translations

2017-08-03 • 0.0.11-1

  • Enhance links handling in comments - navigate to a comment on clicking an OpenRepos comment link if its in current model
  • Comment field - force use PlainText format
  • Fix fetching list of available packages
  • ApplicationPage - more information about package status and operations

2017-08-02 • 0.0.10-1

  • Run enable/disable all repos asynchronously
  • Add local bookmarks for applications
  • Use global OrnZypp instance for repo and package management which should fix some crashes
  • Update translations

2017-07-26 • 0.0.9-1

  • Installed apps list - open search page on delegate click
  • Repositories page - fix counting of enabled/disabled repositories
  • Repositories page - show menu for repo items by single tap
  • Installed apps page - loads apps asynchronously

2017-07-25 • 0.0.8-1

  • Add authorisation notification action
  • Add enable/disable all repositories functionality
  • Initial support for listing of installed apps
  • Update translations
  • Fix weekdays in changelog

2017-07-21 • 0.0.7-2

  • Improve comments page appearance
  • Fix comment field jumps when typing in landscape mode
  • Update translations

2017-07-20 • 0.0.7-1

  • Fix version comparing
  • Use package update time instead of OpenRepos page update time
  • Add ability to comment, reply to comments and edit comments
  • Add device and authorisation pages
  • Reverse comments list
  • Mark the developers' and yours comments like in the Store client
  • Some UI improvements
  • Update translations and add Danish translation

2017-07-11 • 0.0.6-1

  • Allow all orientations
  • Do not highlight app information label on short press or flick
  • Better update month label
  • Better view placeholder for the search page
  • Update translations
  • Add Finnish (Finland)
  • Add Hungarian (Hungary)

2017-07-10 • 0.0.5-1

  • Add categories page
  • Update translations (add French, Italian and Spanish translations)

2017-07-09 • 0.0.4-1

  • Add about page
  • Add Dutch, German, Polish and Swedish translations (thanks to the community, details are on the Transifex project page)
  • New awesome application icon by Laurent_C <>
  • Improve comments list (add link to an original comment for replies, better timestamp label)
  • Update recently updated apps list

2017-07-04 • 0.0.3-1

  • Add search page
  • Fix freezing after installation/removing
  • Better information about available app version

2017-07-03 • 0.0.2-2

  • Install polkit rules to remove Warehouse dependency

2017-07-03 • 0.0.2-1

  • Fix typo in the recent apps page
  • Fix not loading when network is not available

2017-07-03 • 0.0.1-1

  • Initial release


minitreintje's picture

Oh you can use HTML code in Storeman? Didn't know that...
EDIT: < b > tag not visible...

osetr's picture

Please, read this manual

Use Filtered HTML tags, for example <strong> instead of <b>.

From the 0.0.12 version Storeman renders comments as Rich text which means all of Filtered HTML tags should work. But the comment field is in plain text mode which means that you should type tags manually if you want to format your comment (also some of tags can be inserted with a simple button panel).

olf's picture

Many thanks!
Writing and editing comments is much easier with Storeman 0.0.12 and is definitely preferable to OpenRepos' web-frontend now.
Tried a couple of corner cases, and they were all working well. :)

minitreintje's picture

Nice! Thanks :) Also confirmed the comments above: 0.0.11 sees no update to 0.0.12

olf's picture

Italicized, cited,


and "code" text in comments is not displayed as such in Storeman 0.0.11
Edit: Issue filed on Github.
Edit2: Issue resolved in Storeman 0.0.12

naytsyrhc's picture

Ok. Thx. However a reboot solved it too.

naytsyrhc's picture

In changelog I can see a new version 0.11, storeman reports itself as 0.10, available from openrepos is stated a 0.9 in storeman. This seems to be wrong, doesn't it? I refreshed the cache already, but nothin changed.

osetr's picture

It was a regression in 0.0.10. Try to download and install 0.0.11 manually or use Warehouse or use pkcon. I will also add this note to the description section.

Kabouik's picture

On my Jolla C, Storeman will never manage to show the list of currently installed apps, it just shows the spinning animation forever (tried as long as 40 min). I wanted to go there to bookmark all my current applications instead of having to search them individually.

There is a typo in the pulley menu in "About Storman" (at least in French).

osetr's picture

On my Jolla C, Storeman will never manage to show the list of currently installed apps...

Can you, please, install this debug version, launch it within terminal and send me its output?

There is a typo in the pulley menu in "About Storman" (at least in French).

Found it only in French. Fixed, thanks.

Kabouik's picture

Here is the output Osetr:

osetr's picture

As you can see Storeman stops on loading cache for the xDShot repo. This user does not have any applications aploded so it's repo url returns the 404 error. I will add handling of such situations and as temporar workaround you can disable or remove this repo on the repositories page.

minitreintje's picture

Thanks for the update! An indication when installing or updating an app would be nice to improve the UX (like in the Jolla Store)

Kabouik's picture

Local bookmarks, yay. Thanks a lot for doing it, and for doing it so quickly!

florifreeman's picture

After install uninstall the application crashes

naytsyrhc's picture

Unfortunately I can't post comments from within app anymore. May have been caused by system update. Symptoms: app states that I'm logged in, I can comment, but comment will not be stored/displayed/posted. It just goes to void...

olf's picture

Exactly the same symptoms (and a workaround) were discussied here a few of days ago, see and ff. (or just scroll a bit!).

explit's picture

Very good. It replaced the Warehouse for me

olf's picture

The same test, but now two HTML test lines are created in OpenRepos' web front-end:
- test line 1: >> <tag> <em></em>
- test line 2: foobar

Adding same two test lines by editing this comment in Storeman 0.0.9 (look, what happens to the untouched, copied text in line 1 below!):
- test line 1: >>
- test line 2: foobar

olf's picture

I.e. IMO, Storeman should not filter text for invalid HTML tags, but convert them to proper HTML (as OpenRepos' web front-end does).

Edit: Issue resolved in Storeman 0.0.12 (and half of it was based on incorrectly suspecting Storeman to do the filtering: it seems to be

olf's picture

<p>Two plain text test lines, created in OpenRepos&#039; web front-end:<br />
- test line 1: &gt;&gt; &lt;tag&gt; &lt;em&gt;&lt;/em&gt;<br />
- test line 2: foobar</p>

Adding same two test lines by editing this comment in Storeman 0.0.9 (look, what happens to the untouched text above!):
- test line 1: >> <tag> <em></em>
- test line 2: foobar

olf's picture

I.e. IMO, Storeman should detect plain text messages (if the OpenRepos API offers that), and treat them accordingly.
Alternatively (dirty workaround), you may convert plain text messages to HTML (as already the case with v0.0.9) *and* write them back as HTML messages (currently not the case).

Edit: Issue resolved in Storeman 0.0.12, comments are now always uploaded as "filtered HTML" formatted.

osetr's picture

Have you tried to reauthorize?
(sent from my Jolla 1 with Storeman v0.0.9)

olf's picture

Yes, works (see original comment), but something (minor) is still not really in order.

olf's picture

While I managed to send a comment with Storeman 0.0.7 (here, 2017-07-21), I failed to multiple times with v0.0.8 and v0.0.9: When hitting "Send" (no matter, if short- or long-pressed), the text field is emptied, but the comment *not* sent.
Is this just on my Jolla 1 phones (under SFOS, or can others reproduce that (then I am inclined to file a bug @github)? Note, Storeman tells me, that I am logged in at OpenRepos (will try logging out and back in, next).
*Edit:* Logging out (then closing Storeman and restarting it) and back in at OpenRepos did the job: Commenting and editing a comment works fine.

But one cannot delete a comment (in contrast to OpenRepos' web front-end), is this function not part of OpenRepos' web API?

And the original issue is two different bugs, IMHO:
a. Sometimes Storeman shows the OpenRepos account being active (logged in), while it is not. (I will try to determine, under which conditions this happens.)
*Edit2*: Shouldn't the "Authorization notification" detect such a situation and notify the user?
b. Storeman should prevent typing a comment, when not logged in. Or is b. just a consequence of a., as Storeman believes one is logged in, while this is not the case?
*Edit2:*: It is; Storeman handles this fine, when being aware, that one is not logged in.

osetr's picture

But one cannot delete a comment (in contrast to OpenRepos' web front-end), is this function not part of OpenRepos' web API?

Deleting of comments will be available later.

Shouldn't the "Authorization notification" detect such a situation and notify the user?

Yes it should but it was not tested properly yet. Thanks to your reply I'll try to fix it.

osetr's picture

See above

cvp's picture

Love this app! Can you "add source + install" in once? + voting :)

Skillmon's picture

While the new installed app list with the click to search feature is great feature it doesn't work well on many apps (especially patches) because the package names doesn't necessarily match the openrepos page name. Still great work, thank you very much for the time and work you invest in this!

osetr's picture

Yes it's a known issue. Partially it could be solved by using app name from its desktop file. But not for patches and other packages that don't provide desktop files.