Recorder [Fork]

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Native sound recorder for Sailfish OS

Current features:

  • Record sound from your device microphone
  • Select a directory to store recordings with a simple picker
  • List recordings in the selected directory (сan be recursively)
  • Select recording codec from Vorbis, Speex, PCM, FLAC and its sample rate
  • Play, remove and rename recordings within the application
  • Start, pause, resume and stop recording from the application cover



Version 0.5.6-1

  • Add Finnish, Dutch (Belgium) and Chinese (Taiwan) translations

Version 0.5.5-1

  • Add Portuguese (Brazil) translation

Version 0.5.4-1

  • Add Dutch translation

Version 0.5.3-1

  • Add Hungarian translation

Version 0.5.2-1

  • And French translation and update others

Version 0.5.1-1

  • Add Spanish, Italian and Swedish translations


TamarindoJuice's picture

Theres no portuguese BR (brazilian) option on transifex :(

objectifnul's picture

AFAIK, the Xperia X has a stereo microphone. I don't know if SailfishX can capture two-channel audio from the microphone though. If so, would it be difficult to update Recorder for stereo recordings?