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Small note: when you first login you will get a warning that FB can't load an URL (just ignore it). After you click login you get an error from FB (just ignore it) and click on 'go back'. Now FB will ask you if you give Tinder access to your FB stuff, accept it by clicking OK. Sailfinder will load then. Next time you will just have to click OK. It's not perfect but I can't do anything about that (my other option depends on Android Support which is not available for everyone).


Sailfinder is an unofficial client for Tinder for Sailish OS based on PyOtherSide.


  • Like, dislike and superlike people.
  • View their pictures and bio without looking at their profile.
  • Change your Tinder discovery, location and other settings.
  • View your profile: pictures, about, ...
  • Update your bio and gender.
  • View your matches.
  • Report & unmatch matches.
  • Send messages.
  • GIF support.
  • ...


See Github


See Github

Bugs, requests and other stuff:

  • Starting from Sailfinder V0.7 bugs can be reported on Github.
  • Source code available on Github:
  • I put in a lot of time to develop Sailfinder so please buy me coffee: 
  • If a screen doesn't load, it's not the app but the Tinder servers that are responding a HTTP error code (the only one I experienced was HTTP ERROR 504). This sometimes happens when the servers are very busy.
Application versions: 
harbour-sailfinder-2.3-2.armv7hl.rpm715.88 KB23/09/2016 - 10:44
harbour-sailfinder-2.4-1.i486.rpm724.84 KB23/11/2016 - 16:26
harbour-sailfinder-2.4-1.armv7hl.rpm724.11 KB23/11/2016 - 16:26
- MAJOR BUGFIX: Sailfinder will not crash anymore when the network connection is lost (Github issue #65). This feature will be improved in a futher release, switching between different networks is not covered at the moment.
- MINOR BUGFIX: Fixed the import path of the module 'api' in 'harbour-sailfinder.qml' used for the cover functions.
- MINOR BUGFIX: Crash fixed when liking/disliking (Github issue #69).
- IMPROVEMENT: Python imports are now done only once.
- IMPROVEMENT: Cleaned up some console messages. Monitoring Sailfinder can be done through the journal. Sailfinder uses [...] tags when writing to the console. The type of message is mentioned between the tags.
- NEW: View your network status in Settings.
- NEW: A warning will show up when no network connection is available. This warning will disable Sailfinder completely until a working network connection has been established.
- NEW: Check if the account is banned by Tinder or not. Banning only happens if you're not behaving yourself and other users report you (Github issue #66).
- NEW: Sending a GIF to matches is now possible (Github issue #56).
- SUPPORT: Turing Phone & Oyster support, builded with the V2.0.4.14 release.


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btw while flattr donation didnt work the paypal did, enjoy a glass of wine on me :)!

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  • Hi, have installed SailFinder v2.3 on Aurajoki OS, can't login: the facebook website tells that it has already accepted Tinder app request, then SailFinder returns "Tinder login expired". How can I solve that ?
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Use a filebrowser and delete the harbour-sailfinder folder in /home/nemo/.config (enable hidden files!)


This will reset everything and try again, works OK here.

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Your hint doesn't work. The Problem remains.

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It's related to your account... I can't reproduce this issue over here with both my accounts.

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I have the same issue. Removing sailfinder folders and reinstalling did not work :-/

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I just installed new version 2.0.1 from the official Jolla Store (not yet available here). Now it says I should extend my search radius, but in the new options menu theres no slider anymore for search radius nor for the person's age. Or am I missing something out?
Keep up the goold work! ;)

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Please go to 'Profile' and then 'Update profile'

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Are there instructions? I can't get any people up. It logs in successfully with Facebook. Then it says "Loading new people  Please wait... Then it says Reconnecting in 15, 14, 13... It does that forever. If I select "Matches & Saved people," it says "Loading matches This can take some time..." but nothing ever appears. I have the location set, the age range, the radius. What else do I need to do?

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Try again later...
The servers are overloaded, again... My account works but very slowly now (couple of hours ago it was bloody fast)

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I made the age range as wide as possible and the radius as long as possible. No matches any time of day I try it.

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Tinder is weird place sometimes... 

Some days I get more then 1 match and then for weeks nothing.


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Seems to work very well, but based on what does the application decide to show which of my profile pictures to display in the corresponding pulley menu entry? I have 2 that are available in Facebook's profile picture album, but won't show up in the profile menu.

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Which pulley menu entry?

Your profile picture can be set yet in Sailfinder, you need to do that with the official Tinder app.

I can only download them from Tinder.

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Ah, ok, I figured the profile pulley menu entry where you can swipe through your pictures also offered some kind of selection mechanism, but I understand it just displays them.

I'm still unsure based on what parameters it's decided which images are displayed (and which are not) but that might have more to do with the api than whith Sailfinder. I'll try later with the official app.

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Sailfinder doesn't decides anything.

It just download the profile pictures as an array from Tinder and displays them in order (0 = 1st picture, 1= 2nd picture, ...). Pynder (the library behind Sailfinder) doesn't support at the moment the API to change & upload your profile pictures.

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ok, very clear. Thanks for the clarification!

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Does not work for me, it stack on loading people and does nothing more :(

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Make sure that your ranges in settings are big enough and don't use a pseudo account for Facebook since it search for people on Facebook.

If that doesn't work, post the session.log from /home/nemo/.config/harbour-sailfinder/session.log.
The log clears itself everytime you login.

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Everytime I need to login facebook when launch the app

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It doesn't remembers your login data? Then Facebook can't save cookies on your device for some reason.

But you have to login everytime since I don't have the SECRET_APP_KEY from Tinder to request a long live token.

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got this error :s

Return value of PyObject call is NULL: Traceback (most recent call last):

File "/usr/share/harbour-sailfinder/qml/pages/", line 176, in updateLocation
session.update_location(latitude, longitude)

File "/usr/share/harbour-sailfinder/qml/pages/pynder/", line 29, in update_location
return, longitude)

File "/usr/share/harbour-sailfinder/qml/pages/pynder/", line 92, in ping
return self._post("/user/ping", {"lat": lat, "lon": lon})

File "/usr/share/harbour-sailfinder/qml/pages/pynder/", line 55, in _post
return self._request("post", url, data=data)

File "/usr/share/harbour-sailfinder/qml/pages/pynder/", line 48, in _request
raise errors.RequestError(result.status_code)

pynder.errors.RequestError: 500

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This is now fixed :)

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How do I install the latest version 0.7-1 of the application? The last update is not removed my earlier problem.
Thank you.

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you can download the file on and copy it to your phone, i couldn´t install 0.7-1 from the store too. how ever here is the next report but the app worx most time. sometimes there comes an error when i click on more infos about a person:

Return value of PyObject call is NULL: Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "/usr/share/harbour-sailfinder/qml/pages/", line 423, in loadAbout
    pyotherside.send('getPersonsCommonInterests', persons[personsCounterNumberPersons].common_interests)

  File "/usr/share/harbour-sailfinder/qml/pages/pynder/models/", line 49, in common_interests
    return [p for p in self._data['common_interests']]

KeyError: 'common_interests'


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This is fixed in the V0.8 see Github

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thanks for your fast support, but for the new version 0.8-1 the warehouse app noticed an error again. it couldn´t find your repository... other devs are working.

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I can't reproduce that issue... Can you describe the exact error?

Try this:
1.remove Sailfinder
2. disable my repo
3. reboot
4. enable my repo
5. install Sailfinder

If that doesn't work I need to contact Basil...

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to update to 0.9 there is the same problem, i did a new installation of sailfinder and the warehouse-store. it only says: couldn't find the repository...

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I emailed Basil to fix this problem but I haven't heard from him.

I just upload the RPM packages to from there I can't do anything anymore.