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Sailbook is an unofficial Facebook client for Sailfish OS. This is the latest development version of Sailbook. A newer version will be created as soon as Jolla releases the new Webview component, which was expected in 2.0.5 but not it seems it will come at 2.1.X

Application versions: 
harbour-sailbook-6.4-0.armv7hl.rpm211.84 KB25/10/2016 - 20:50
harbour-sailbook-6.4-0.i486.rpm224.13 KB25/10/2016 - 20:50

[UPGRADE] compatible


vdembos's picture

is there any option to run this in background? without tile enabled? so messages will arrive even without tile?

minitreintje's picture

No, Sailbook doesn't have a daemon service.

palikao's picture

What about adding an option to empty cache?

minitreintje's picture

No changes will be made to Sailbook until the new QT5.6 or the new Webview will be added by Jolla.
After then maybe I will add it.

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I've noticed that "Settings" is not working properly.
if I tap the Settings button, it doesn't do anything.. and if I swype back, I don't find anything.. only an empty screeen!

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Fixed in V6.2

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Perfect!!! Thx

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Any screenshots?