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BeRail V2.X!


BeRail is an open source Sailfish OS application to plan your journeys on the Belgian railway. It uses the iRail API as source of information and is officially part of the iRail project.


  • 100% native Silica components
  • C++ backend with integrated logging for QML and C++
  • Caching support
  • Routeplanner with an easy switch between the departure and arrival station
  • Liveboard in the old NMBS style which remembers your last station
  • Favourite departure and arrival station
  • Disturbances & delays
  • Many more!


  1. I can't use BeRail on my Sailfish OS device with Sailfish OS version < 2.1.0.X
    Upgrade to the latest version, BeRail depends on Qt 5.6 which is only available for Sailfish OS 2.1.0.X and higher.
  2. I want to contribute to the translations, code, ... of BeRail
    Great! Checkout the Github repository for more information or below.
  3. I want to donate to BeRail
    You can donate in the app or by clicking this button below:
  4. I want to report a bug or feature for BeRail 1.X
    Sorry, BeRail V1.X isn't supported any more, please upgrade to the latest release on Openrepos or the Jolla Store.
  5. BeRail fails to retrieve some of my trips when I selected "all trains" in settings
    It's a known bug in the iRail API and will be fixed soon, until then you can select "only locale trains" as a workaround.


See Github issues

The beta version of BeRail is available on Openrepos, as soon as it's stable the release version will be available on Openrepos and the Jolla Store.


See Github projects


Transifex project

In case a language is missing, you can request it. Feel free to translate BeRail in your language, the translations are updated with every release.

Bugs, requests and other stuff:

  • Source code available on Github:
  • If you want to report a bug you need to provide your logs from /home/nemo/.cache/harbour-berail/logging and a terminal output is handy as well.
Application versions: 
File harbour-berail-2.0-1.i486.rpm368.77 KB07/01/2018 - 16:50
File harbour-berail-2.0-1.armv7hl.rpm354.86 KB07/01/2018 - 16:50
File harbour-berail-2.0-2.armv7hl.rpm355.27 KB08/01/2018 - 14:30
File harbour-berail-2.0-2.i486.rpm369.45 KB08/01/2018 - 14:30
File harbour-berail-2.1-2.armv7hl.rpm360.15 KB20/02/2019 - 19:01
File harbour-berail-2.1-2.i486.rpm373.88 KB20/02/2019 - 19:01

- [UPGRADE] Adapt to import syntax changes for Nemo libs (Github issue #27).
- [TRANSLATIONS] Updated translations from Transifex.
- [MAJOR BUGFIX] Time selection for route planner works again.


minitreintje's picture

Works again, API has been fixed

objectifnul's picture

No longer working with sfos (json problem)

minitreintje's picture

Yes, appearently, changing the date is appearently an issue for that connection. Probably a small glitch in the API backend I think.

minitreintje's picture

Thanks for the report, I can reproduce this issue. I will look into it tomorrow.

objectifnul's picture

You mean, it's usually okay except for the example I mentioned?

objectifnul's picture

Version 1.1-2 was fine. Version 2.0-1 fails.
(iRail API couldn't complete your request)

However, the Jolla Store version is OK (except the "from/to" reversal problem).

minitreintje's picture

I tracked the bug down and it's a bug on the iRail side, the issue relies in the Type Of Transport property when searching for connections.

If you select "only local trains" in Settings it works but not when you choose "all trains". I will mark this feature as experimental since this in an issue on the API side (it's a known bug: The older version didn't use this property because it was introduced not so long ago.

I will upload a newer version which has the setting "only local trains" as default.

minitreintje's picture

Weird, I tested on 3 SFOS devices and I only have that when an invalid request has been made. When do you get that?

objectifnul's picture

Right now, for a trip from Ottignies to Bruxelles Midi on Jan 10 at 05:45

objectifnul's picture

Some SNCB/NMBS railway stations changed their name. So they are ignored by this app. Examples: Rochefort-Jemelle (formerly Jemelle) and Kontich.

minitreintje's picture

BeRail uses the official iRail stations list for search operations.
I made a pull request on their Github page in order to update it.