Patch: Time hint for calendar widget

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Added another version 0.2-1 - this has an alternative format, which is short date without year; i.e. 24 Nov

Be sure to only install and apply one or the other, as they patch the same file!

0.1-1 = Changes the given 'day of the week' to 'hours/days' until the next calendar event, see screenshots.

0.2-1 = Changes the given 'day of the week' to 'date in short format without year', see last screenshot.

0.3-1 = Updated for ~ date in 'short format without year' as per last screenshot.

Based on an idea from a post on,


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@Markkyboy, v0.3-1 is offered as an update (in Storeman) under SFOS 2.1.4, installs fine, but fails to be applied in latest Patchmanager 2.
This seems to be an RPM packaging issue. IMHO v0.3-1 shall be only installable under SFOS >= 2.2.0.

BTW, I would really appreciate, if you would offer the original date format of v0.1-1 as a separate package (RPM), as Storeman (and Warehouse under SFOS < 2.1.4) were constantly offering v0.2-1 (and later v0.3-1) as an update for it, even though v0.2 (and v0.3 for SFOS 2.2.0) just provide an alternative date format (which is the one I do not want).
IMO, it would make sense then to also offer a v0.3 with the original date format (alongside v0.1) under the new package name (and leave v0.2-1 and the extant v0.3-1 under the original package name, i.e. deleting the original v0.1-1 after republishing it under a new name).

Thanks for your nice Patches.

P.S.: Will downgrade from v0.3-1 to v0.1-1 manually for now.

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(Just writing this to document my current experiences.)

Removing v0.3-1 (under SFOS 2.1.4) per

pkcon remove sailfishos-patch-calendar-widget-date-hint

always ends in

Fatal error: Subprocess failed. Error: RPM failed: /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.pYpS8s: line 2: //: is a directory
error: %preun(sailfishos-patch-calendar-widget-date-hint-0.3-1.noarch) scriptlet failed, exit status 2
error: sailfishos-patch-calendar-widget-date-hint-0.3-1.noarch: erase failed

Appears to be another packaging flaw (in the pre-uninstall script).

I will try to utilise the rpm command to explicitly ignore the preun script in this RPM.

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rpm -e --nopreun still complains, but successfully uninstalls v0.3-1.
Downloading v0.1-1 from and installing it per pkcon install-local worked well, as expected.

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Thanks olf, I will look into it. For now though, I am recovering from a bicycle accident that happened yesterday. I've smashed both hands and various other vital parts, as well as a few pulled muscles. Typing is a real challenge to say the least!

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Oops, that is really unfortunate.
Best wishes for recovering completely!

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thanks. by the way; `rpm -e [filename] --noscripts` should remove the package without giving errors.

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Yes, but already knowing that the preun script is the offender, I explicitly wanted to disable this script, not all of them (i.e., because it is an uninstall operation: the postun script).

All the best.

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Please update.No working

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Thanks lpc - your feedback is appreciated.

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Wonderfull patch, thanks!