Ambience Signature - Animated

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(For use with patch: Animate Ambience)

Jolla's signature logo, animated!!

A simple black and white animated Jolla logo for your homescreen!

Animation* by Uniquefx; many thanks to Esko Ahonen for permission to use his work and share with the community! :)

(The original animation is a good quality hires video, what you see in the animated ambience, is heavily compressed to make it usable (I will imporove upon this), the original video can be found here; )


Remove any previous animated patch by me; Animated 3D Cube Theme; Animated Matrix Theme and Animated Cannabis Theme - (soon to be obsoleted).

Application versions: 
ambience-signature-0.1-1.noarch.rpm26.46 KB20/05/2016 - 05:53


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hi markkyboy, your jolla animated signature is nice, however, I'd rather like it in a corner, lower left, for example. Actually, I like plain black and the signature should be a bit more unobtrusive. Gong that way, might be nice to select colors or gray tones too, for that signature.