Patch: Swipe notifications to dismiss & remove

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Swipe to left, the general direction of events view, dismisses the notification and swipe to right removes it completely.

No more waiting for notifications to time-out out of the way or gathering useless notifications to the events view.

Requires Patchmanager.

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sailfishos-patch-notification-dismiss-remove-0.1-1.armv7hl.rpm4.21 KB13/07/2017 - 22:37

- First build.


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Looks sweet! Is extending the width of the notification to the screen width and deleting the margin at the top something doable?

Ingvix's picture

You mean just extending the notification bubble to the right side of the screen or also removing the icon and extend it to the left side too? Both are doable. Also the top margin removal is doable but I'm not really sure why you want it gone. Would you prefer the bubble to fill the screen width even in landscape mode or just make it as wide as portrait mode's screen width? I played around a bit and this is what it currently looks like. Though I think a small margin at the right side would be more aestetic. What do you think?

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in pre tablet, pre 2.0 times notifications filled.out the tup. looked pretty good

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Ideally it would be nice to have the icon inside the bubble and stretch it to the left too (I've never been a fan of the icon outside the bubble, some readability is lost). On landscape I have no idea, maybe it should take the same width of the ambience panel?  

As for margins, I guess it's personal taste, even some small ones can be's your patch and your choice after all :)

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That can also be done. So you pretty much mean portrait screen width notification in the middle of the screen in landscape mode?

Currently I'm not sure if I should make it without margins and lose the round conrners so it sort of becomes more like a bar than a bubble or keep it as bubble with small margins.

EDIT: Now though I realised that if it was to be in the middle of the screen in landscape, the bubble would be a lot prettier than a box so I think I go with that.

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Hmmm I don't do you feel about the banner taking the whole width also in landscape? 

Yeah, I guess that keeping the rounded corners would be influenced by your choice of keeping some margins or not. What about making two patches one with rounded corners/margins one without rounded corners/margins?

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Nicely done Ingvix, I was working on something similar, but your idea is much better and is well executed, thanks :)