Theme pack support for Sailfish OS

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GUI available here.

Theme pack support lets customize icons, fonts, system sounds and pixel density in Sailfish OS. Remember to unapply themes before system updates.


  • Icon theming.
  • Icon overlay.
  • Font theming.
  • Sound theming.
  • Change device pixel ratio.
  • Change DPI for Alien Dalvik.
  • Change icon size.
  • Options to recover UI.
  • Auto-update icon theme.


  • It contains no themes, it's just the engine which makes applying themes possible, but you have to install them separately.
  • For Sailfish OS 2.1 users: if you've used the font size changer, reset it via the theme pack support before changing it via the Jolla Settings.
  • For Sailfish X users: changing device pixel ratio needs testing.


  1. Install a compatible theme pack.
  2. Open the app via the icon on the homescreen and insert your root password. You can also start it via terminal by typing themepacksupport as root.
  3. Apply the theme pack of your choice.
  4. Refresh the homescreen.

Create custom theme packs

Documentation on how to create theme packs available here.


Roadmap and features will be tracked on the Trello dashboard.


App icon inspired by Freepik from is licensed by CC 3.0 BY.


  • Engine design and bash scripting by fravaccaro.
  • One-click restore service by Eugenio_g7.
  • Fix for Android icons on the XA2 by Eugenio_g7.


If you like my work, please consider to donate via PayPal.

Application versions: 

* Sat Aug 24 2019 0.8.13
- Improved autoupd script.

* Sat Jun 8 2019 0.8.12
- Improved overlay engine.

* Sat Apr 20 2019 0.8.11
- Services now take in consideration overlay settings.
- Bugfix.

* Tue Apr 9 2019 0.8.10
- Bugfix.

* Sat Apr 6 2019 0.8.9
- Fix for Android icons on the XA2 (thanks to Eugenio_g7).

* Sat Mar 23 2019 0.8.8
- Support for themes in home storage

* Tue Feb 19 2019 0.8.7
- Initial support for Android DPI settings on XA2.

* Sun Feb 10 2019 0.8.6
- Backup/restore icons.

* Thu Feb 7 2019 0.8.5
- Support for 192x192 Android icons.
- Overlay support improved for Sailfish X.

* Sat Jan 5 2019 0.8.4
- [EXPERIMENTAL] Service for running one-click restore before system upgrades.

* Wed Dec 19 2018 0.8.3
- Redesigned icon menu.

* Fri Nov 23 2018 0.8.0
- Improved non latin font support.
- Overlay support.



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fravaccaro's picture

Thanks! It looks pretty cool, keep up the good work :)

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fravaccaro i am trying to build an icon pak but following step by step procedure to create rpm i am getting error (STEP 10- code:  /bin/cp -rf /root/rpmbuild/BUILD/myfirstpackage-0.1-1.arm, Error- /bin/cp: missing destination file operand after '/root/rpmbuild/BUILD/myfirstpackage-0.1-1.arm') then another error rpm build error file not found by glob /root/rpmbuild/BUILD/myfirstpackage-0.1-1.arm/usr/share/ambience/*. I am unable to find what the problem is. May i know your twitter id.

fravaccaro's picture

You're using the example spec file included in the guide and not mine. Remember to:

- Rename all the "dummy" sentences as described in the icon pack documentation.
- Keep your package name with harbour-iconpack- otherwise it won't work.
- You can also build a noarch package (which make sense for icons) by simply appending  --target="noarch" in your rpmbuild string.

I'm @fravaccaro on twitter.

vishusf's picture

Thanks for the reply fravaccaro,i will try my best.

JimmyNeutron's picture

Hi Great Work.. But i couldn't get really far though i've installed both packages but nothing happend... My icons stayed the same (the didn't change at all) not even after reboot and now i'm trying to uninstall it but with no luck.. I've installed the latest package and now i cant uninstall + the icon on the homescreen disappeared..


Kind Regards J Neutron...

fravaccaro's picture

If you update from a previous version the desktop icon disappear (I'm investigating the issue), but the app is still functioning, just open the terminal and as root type iconpacksupport or /usr/share/harbour-iconpacksupport/

To enable an icon pack, open the script and press A, then type the icon pack name, in this case numix-circle. I'm implementing an option to show available icon packs.

As alina said, restore default icons before uninstalling. I'll add a check to restore default icons before uninstallation later on.

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You should enable the icon pack you installed after you made a backup. And before uninstalling, restore that backup. Otherwise, you will lose default icons.

Fidoraptor's picture

Works great thanks!