Patch: Silicamail

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Tweaks for Jolla e-mail client.

This patch is based on the work of ferlanero. Muchas gracias!



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File sailfishos-patch-silicamail-0.1-5.noarch.rpm9.33 KB19/01/2019 - 19:49

* Sat Jan 19 2019 0.1
- First build.


carmenfdezb's picture

It doesn't work fine with QtWebkit 5.212

ferlanero's picture

@fravaccaro, updated code version for SailfishOS over here:

fravaccaro's picture

Hey :) what are the differences with the version for 3.0.1? It still works on the new update

dalas_revo's picture

This is by far the most beautiful enhancement of SFOS :)

naytsyrhc's picture

Does this patch work on

naytsyrhc's picture

Can answer this myself. Works on Xperia X Compact. Had problems with some left overs from previous patch. Awesome. Thanks.

s_mario's picture

Thx for the Patch.
Works great on Xperia X and Jolla 1.

aQUICK1's picture

Not working with latest build, pm3 crashing and not working anymore, needed to reinstall all patches.

carmenfdezb's picture

I use Patchmanager3 and I don't have any problems

elastic's picture

Works great - looks great - butvI must confess I'm so used to white background in email I changed back ...

carmenfdezb's picture

Nice!! It works perfect with Patchmanager3

Serega_xDD's picture

Very good

Historyscholar's picture

Beautiful :)

monkeyisland's picture

Works great on Jolla 1