SMPC (continued)

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mpd client for Sailfish OS.


As the project is abandoned by the original author I'm publishing my changes I made to the app myself.





  • there are still Problems listing the albums.
Application versions: 
File harbour-smpc-1.3.4-1.8.1.jolla_.armv7hl.rpm216.72 KB14/02/2019 - 12:44
File harbour-smpc-1.3.5-1.10.1.jolla_.armv7hl.rpm216.86 KB16/02/2019 - 00:46
File harbour-smpc- KB16/02/2019 - 02:10
File harbour-smpc- KB16/02/2019 - 20:59


  • shows albums again (workaround mpd issue #408)


  • support for albumartist (optional)
  • MPRIS2 support (lockscreen buttons) (optional)


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Just reading through the comment from Mister_Magister above - what I do not understand - as a user - is the comment about scrolling. I might be completely misunderstanding that comment, but for me, the current way of scrolling in SMPC is one of the best I've seen so far in any Sailsfish-app - tap on it and drag it to the letter you want, works very nicely. So, please don't change that too much... ;)

With regard to the white stars: my impression is that the download of the artist images is simply broken - where the starts were, there used to be artist images. Now, if I delete the artist images DB in settings, all those images revert to the default musical notes - and when I re-download the images, the starts are back. Wild guess - could it be that the source where the app gets its images from is no longer valid?

Finally: Thank you very much for working on this app - I'd really miss it if it didn't work anymore!

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OH hell yeah that scrolling is useful! i just didn't know how to use it! gonna change it to like contacts view is in new sfos 3.1

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Thank you for this!

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You blocked issues on GH so i'm writting here…

Where do i start…

first page: buttons status all nice except for the text should be capital letters

playlist: what is with this weird indicator taken from SFOS1. Chane it to normal solid background. Album background gradient could get some love aswell. options in pulldown menu should start with capital letter otherwise it looks ugly. Same thing with Playlist in top right along with dropdown menu on entries. 
Also what is with this strange weird small indicator on the right while scrolling? it's useless you could put silica quick scroll there instead.

Song view: why tf does it change my album cover to weird white star every couple seconds? annoying af. Pulldown menu see above. track no, playlist no and others also capital. Stop button is EXTREMLY small like 10x smaller than other butotns. Position text also capital -_-

artist page: right top i don't have to tell you at this point do i. Same indicator on the right problem.

this pushup controls should have progress indicator aswell

albums page: see artist page

files: more padding between icon and text. right top, pulldown menu… ya know right. I can't understand why on add song page the add button is smaller than play button and also, the labels, you know

search: apply everything you have seen above

servers: Here finally pulldown menu is good. top right still not

settings: why on earth wouldn't you give some padding to those poor buttons? also, the capital letters everywhere. buttons in outputs are made incorrectly cause they show weird pattern of dots. in gui settings buttons are made correctly copy paste them. database and about page, the spaceing i said at the beginning. Buttons ask with tears in eyes for spacing. Editing server same, capital letters and also top bar doesn't reach right for some reason

It's not much work but will make huge jump in quality of this app so please consider doing this.

Also in case you did (cause you probably will) consider this comment as a hate then no. It's not hate. Just giving suggestions what could be fixed to make this app a lot better cause i like this app. I only want to make the apps i use better.

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Yeah, there are some fucks in it. Anyway I'm rather interested in the technical part (keep the app working with newer versions of mpd and Sailfish) and I haven't got much talent for design, so I'm thankful for help and advices on the interface (which is still unchanged from the original author).

I enabled issues on github now. No idea why they were disabled at first...

I'll copy your rant to github. ;)

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Then i got your back boi. Leave gui to me. Wait for PRs ;)

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Take a look at the existing PR. There is a fix for the stop button.

In general: There are a lot of things in the code, which have a bad concept. Mainly in the qml part. E.g. components are defined multiple times. They have to be put in separate files.

So don't just fix issues which concern the UI, but also organize the code better.

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In short "but refactor it aswell" ya got it ;)

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Thanks for continuing this app. I created a pull request with some small changes origination from my (personal) fork.
Could you also add a tablet version? This app has the best tablet layout support I have encountered in any Sailfish app, so it would be a pity if it was missing ;-)

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What didn't you like about the GlassItem indicating the current song?

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Thank you. Will take a look at it.

Tablet version is no problem.

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At first view with v1.3.5, albums are still not shown. Should I delete and rebuild the database?

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Which version of mpd are you using?

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Music Player Daemon 0.20.18 (on a Ubuntu 18.04 machine)

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Does work for you?

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v1.3.5.1 is OK except for albums display. So I reverted to 1.3.3 for now.

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So 1.3.3 works for you?

You should have mentioned that before. This means it's another issue.

I will think about how to solve this.

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Sorry, I forgot to mention it. Anyway, I'm happy to see you resumed the development of this interesting orphan app. Thanks and good success.

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Ah, ok. So maybe this version is also already affected by the bug.

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Maybe, but not with old SMPC v1.3.3.

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Awesome :)