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Simple modification of phoneme (DavyP) which enable ctrl+v (paste). It's written to allow easy pasting long urls from eg microb to opera mini 8 (only tested application). Opera mini virtual keyboard must be disabled.

First you need to install debs from

Source: cvm-mod_0.0.1.tar.gz


- opera mini virtual keyboard support


Application versions: 
File cvm-mod_0.0.1_armel.deb17.58 KB25/02/2016 - 21:10

cvm-mod (0.0.1) unstable; urgency=low * Initial Release.


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Dont know why but this always gives me black shadow over whole enter address and search field, is this only for stable cvm i have testing (cvm_maemo-mr2.b168+svn20547-20120818_armel) , can you make one for testing as well?

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I have tested it only on 20120818, CSSU Thumb and opera min 8. Did you install first original cvm, middlets and then finally this mod? Does shadow appears when you press ctrl+v? This modification doesn't change anything important just wait for ctrl+v key event and then paste clipboard content.

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Yes and it shows the shadow all the time, i did however first intall opera mini 6 then updated to 8, maybe ill try with a clean install.