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fish is a smart and user-friendly command line shell for OS X, Linux, and the rest of the family.

The friendly interactive shell (fish) is a shell that attempts to be more interactive and user-friendly than former shells. The design goal of fish is to give the user a rich set of powerful features in a way that is easy to discover, remember, and use. fish is considered an "exotic shell", in that its syntax derives from neither the Bourne shell nor the C shell. Also unlike previous shells, which do not have certain features enabled by default as a means of saving system resources, fish includes all features enabled by default.


Compiled directly on a Jolla phone; source:


  • fish_config builtin requires python to run the web-based config editor.
  • Man documentation included.
  • Binary is located in /usr/local/bin/
Application versions: 

- Fixed config issue breaking return key

- Updated to 2.3.0

- Updated to 2.2.0

- First build


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Hi, do you plan to update to 2.5.0 ?

objectifnul's picture

Since I upgraded to v2.3.0-1, the "Enter" key is unresponsive. App unusable.

Same after uninstall/reinstall (Taalojärvi on Jolla phone).

BTW, Warehouse install doesn't work. Used zypper.

edgley's picture

Thanks for the bug report; turns out some of the config files are not compatible with 2.3.

I am working on an updated package and have removed 2.3.0-1 for now.

I can't test Warehouse until it's been updated though.

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Thx. Currently using the small v2.1.2, as I think (didn't have time to double check) v2.2.0 has a similar issue with the Enter key (at least when installed with pkcon without uninstalling v2.3.0 first)

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Doing a fresh install of 2.2.0 works fine for me; I can only suggest making sure /usr/local/share/fish/ is empty before switching versions.

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OK. Will try one of these days. However (maybe just for me?) your repository appears to have some issues with Warehouse. When clicking on the "fish" link within Warehouse, it starts reviewing a lot of contents not related with fish, this takes ages, eventually I must kill Warehouse. Only pkcon or zypper allow me to install fish. Maybe I should disable all other repositories (I have many enabled) before trying again.

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I don't really use warehouse (most of my Jolla usage is via ssh); but I'm pretty sure it's just the fish package, as it happens for me as well (but none of my other packages have any issues).

I'm looking into it at the moment.

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Seems working after fresh install (with zypper of course).

BTW, is this normal?

[nemo@JollaCeD ~]$ fish -h
fish: Unknown command 'bc'
/usr/local/share/fish/functions/ (line 1): echo $argv | bc | string replace -r '\\\\$' '' | string join ''
in command substitution
        called on line 1 of file /usr/local/share/fish/functions/

in function 'math'
        called on line 2 of file /usr/local/share/fish/functions/
        with parameter list '80 - 4'

in command substitution
        called on line 0 of file /usr/local/share/fish/functions/

in function '__fish_print_help'
        called on standard input
        with parameter list 'fish'


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You need bc installed; I haven't checked the external binaries the config files use because they aren't critical to be able to use fish by itself.

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I'm a bit novice with Linux, so ... after installing this package, is it Fish that is launched wheb I start Terminal ?

Can this kind of shell replacement cause any trouble, when next official update comes to Sailfish ?

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Nope! You need to either type 'fish' in terminal first or you do as discribed in this post:

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THX for this port! Autosuggestion is a very nice feature!

But how exactly can I switch fish to default shell in Fingerterm? Is it possible by editing /etc/passwd file to: /usr/bin/fish?

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Yep, either that or using chsh.