Patchmanager 2.0

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Welcome to Patchmanager 2.0 testing!

This new version allow install patches from web catalog:

Web patches features:

  • Every patch will have special "compatible" field with matching SailfishOS version: you will be notified if certain patch is not compatible with your SailfishOS version
  • Changelog for every release
  • Screenshots inside patchmanager client
  • Rating and activations count

General Patchmanager 2.0 improvements:

  • No more settings menu entries: patch settings will be opened from Patchmanager.
    Old rpm patches can be modified to move settings entry into patchmanager
  • Developer mode option is to (try to) install patch to incompatible SailfishOS version.
    Should be handy after new sfos version released.
  • Menu entry to unapply all patches.

Please consider posting bugs and ideas to forum thread:


Patchmanager allows you to apply patches: tweaks for Sailfish OS that might modify the user experience in order to enhance it, or personnalize it.

See this TMO thread for more information.

Contribute translations at: Transifex for Patchmanager 2




Fixed "Unapply all patches" builtin patch for


objectifnul's picture => 502 bad gateway

EDIT1 - fixed now. Some patches still displayed in red (means not compatible with current OS release I guess). 'catalogue web' in Patchmanager 2.0 unresponsive. Just wait?

EDIT2 - 'Catalogue Web' now working, some patches still appear in red.

EDIT3 - 502 error again :-(

Bocephus's picture

An update is obviously badly needed at this point. Has the project been abandoned?

jakibaki's picture

Do you have any problem with it?

The restart services function not working is a bit annoying but other then that I haven't expericened any other problems with it.

gedeon's picture

That function also doesn't work on Jolla C .

gedeon's picture

Hi, the "restart preloaded services" function is not working in "Sailfis X" v2.1.3.5 .

Alfdererste's picture

Hi. If I install Patchmanager 2.0 on Xperia X( all Sailfish-default icons are missing. But Patchmanager itself is working fine.
If someone else runs into this, you can get it back by reinstall the theme icons..
"pkcon install sailfish-content-graphics-default-z1.75-base"

Jessica_0rchid's picture

Очень ждем обновления, Вашего замечательного приложения для версии SFOS

eriklundin's picture

The newest compatibility version available when uploading or editing a patch is, but the latest version of SFOS is so the patch manager doesn't let me install a patch that I know will work.

eriklundin's picture

Saw that it's fixed now. Thanks!

explit's picture

Can you update also the build for i486 please?

coderus's picture

what are you talking about?

Skillmon's picture

I can't activate Return Old Pulley Menu patch with SFOS installed though the web catalogue lists it as compatible.

Markkyboy's picture

'Restart preloaded services' doesn't restart homescreen on Jamsanjoki, is this version of PM not ready yet for Jamsanjoki?

coderus's picture

hm, how is this possible... thanks, i'll check this tomorrow

Markkyboy's picture

2 months have passed since your comment, is there a fix in the making or have you abandoned Patchmanager 2.0?

subeditor's picture

Still here on last update.

Markkyboy's picture

I have also updated my other Jolla1, but the same problem exists. 

hwansing's picture

I upgraded from patchmanager to patchmanager 2.0 today, and I could not find the icon to start the patchmanager 2.0 anymore. That's because it's within the Settings app now. Just a note for others, who are also searching for the icon :-) A big Thanks to you, coderus.

Sailbook's picture

Dont install on 2.1

coderus's picture

it works for everyone except you

Sailbook's picture

Sorry Coderus, was a bad download, indeed it works !

giskard's picture

Hi. The italian translation has been updated.

santhoshmanikandan's picture

Working. Thanks Coderus

santhoshmanikandan's picture

Getting error when installing patchmanager. Have added screenshot of the error

coderus's picture

pkcon refresh

eisen's picture

how to activate mazelock after installing it? it shows no menu or something like that... its a great app!

coderus's picture

You need to activate patch inside patchmanager, then restart system services in pulldown menu, or just reboot phone.

eisen's picture

i can't, there is no menu on top...

coderus's picture

inside list of patches click on glow dot to activate patch. Then use pulldown menu to restart preloaded services.

eisen's picture

oh man this was so simple, sorry man. i was searching for a menu... thx