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Mitakuuluu - indie WhatsApp-compatible client for SailfishOS

Before switching from official clients to Mitakuuluu you need to go to Account settings and remove account from server. If you already installed Mitakuuluu go to Settings - Account - Delete everything.

If you got critical bugs, crashes, please send file /home/nemo/.whatsapp/whatsapp.log to with subject "Mitakuuluu bug". Not critical bugs add to bugtracker (see below).

Written in pure Qt5/QML. Reused N900's Yappari engine (Thanks to Scorpius!)

Support thread in TMO:

Support thread on jollausers:

>>>> Public bugtracker: post issues, ideas and suggestions here. <<<<

Transifex translations:

Acceping bugreports only for latest version. If you using old version - you need to upgrade it first.


  • UI bugfixies
  • Fixed location
  • Some engine bugfixies
  • New conversation skin: Modern, but it's very buggy at moment. I don't care if you have troubles. Bugreports will not be accepted.


  • Added new bugs
  • Removed some fixies
  • More random crashed
  • New ugly interface


  • New style for media row in conversation
  • Fixed camera flash mode
  • Fixed settings savings
  • Updated translations


  • Fixed message notifications options
  • Added cover actions options
  • Some minor UI fixies
  • Some minor bugs fixed


  • Fixed registration issues
  • Some minor UI fixies
  • Some minor code bugfixies


  • Restored localizations
  • Fixed registration issues
  • Enabled gallery Mitakuuluu album scrolling
  • Some minor UI changes
  • Some minor code bugfixies
  • Database will be dropped, be careful. All your chats and contacts will be removed after this update.


  • Fixies around sending/receiving messages delay
  • Added sending voicce notes
  • Added playing voice notes in chat window
  • Some UI fixies
  • Some minor bugfixies


  • Initial support for sending location
  • Fixed receiving broadcast messages
  • Added some experimental options
  • Fixed some minor bugs


  • Some fixies for internet connection
  • Initial support for taking photo
  • Initial support for cover actions
  • Some minor bugfixies


Mitakuuluu contains two binaries:

  1. background daemon talking with whatsapp server
  2. gui application displaying contacts, chats and etc.

If you closing application window it still connected to whatsapp and receiving messages. You need to choose pull down menu item "Quit" to close application and quit daemon.


Donations are welcome =)



  • UI bugfixies
  • Fixed location
  • Some engine bugfixies
  • New conversation skin: Modern, but it's very buggy at moment. I don't care if you have troubles. Bugreports will not be accepted.


silverstoner's picture

dude just wanted to say .THIS VERSION ROCKS.. I cant think of a better interface . Jolla needs to snatch u up and help them improve Sailfish .. keep on doing the good work..

jpn9s's picture

The apps works very excellent. I do not mind any UI issues. It suits perfectly as it.

Mindy's picture


I like this app but I have one problem. Can I save photos sent to me via Whatsapp to my phone or SD card as picture files with Mitäkuuluu? If yes, how do I do that? If it's currently not possible in Mitäkuuluu, can you make that a new feature in the next update?

claralapiz's picture

Tell us something about that "ugly" interface, shall we dare?

coderus's picture

the most horrible interface. you will never regret.

naytsyrhc's picture

Just wanted to thank you for this great app.

mjtorn's picture


The changelog mentions dropping the db and losing all conversations. Is there a way to restore conversations, eg. from a backup, after the upgrade? Are the conversations lost for life or do the Whatsapp servers keep copies?


coderus's picture

for life. nor server and mitakuuluu saving backups of your conversatïons. if you had some important data you can try to dig into logs. all messages texts are logged.

mjtorn's picture

That's a shame, resorting to NSA backups, which can't be restored ;)

Is this because you're afraid peoples' phones will be filled by Mitäkuuluu, and they won't know to clear the discussions manually?

I think I'll take a copy of the current db and upgrade anyway, can't hold it off forever.
Fortunately images can be saved to the gallery at least :)

Thanks a lot!

Seilori's picture

Not sure but I have a feeling that this app is atm using a bit more battery life than the original android app.

Can it be real or am I just hallusinating?

Nevertheless this app rocks! Keep on going :)

idro's picture

in the 2.3 it's impossible to change language and the app is very slow

coderus's picture

post your issues to bugtracker

Mutosan's picture

Hey there. Great work. I have just one question. Would it be possible todo that for Threema, Hoccer or any Whatsapp alternative?

Thanks and kind regards

coderus's picture

Sorry i'm not accepting any applications development requests

michdeskunk's picture

change the app name!

coderus's picture

You made my day. Thank you for comment. :D

adman's picture

Can't save my avatar picture. Can select a picture, but by saving it deselects and no saving the picture..

bilgy_no1's picture

Hi! Thanks for making the App! However, I'm having trouble logging in. App seems stuck in the registration process. Anyone have any idea what may be up?

Sounds a bit like the problem below, but it couldn't still be the server migration problem (if it even was that in the first place)?

bilgy_no1's picture

workibg OK now after about an hour waiting and restarting the app a few times.

andeqaida's picture

hi! my account worked fine until tonight. It just keeps connecting, but no messages come through, nor can I send anything. I removed it and installed again, but this won't help. After giving my number, in the registration, there's just whole red screen with following text: http_error_2
also cannot find that error-log from file manager. No whatsapp folder... :)
Any advices? thanks

coderus's picture

whatsapp servers are moving to facebook datacenters. dont panic and be patient.

andeqaida's picture

lol, wow that was fast answering :D
thanks for info,I don't own fb account, didn't think this through.
I'll keep waiting.

osmingab85's picture

alguno tiene nokia N9 con Sailfish Os y que este usando esta app para saber si funciona bien... Ayuda por favor para salir de dudas.. Gracias


coderus's picture

i have

Grimtech's picture

@Coderus, I believe I have solved the problem I was having.


I put my SIM in another phone and installed the officail WA client.

It would not let me register as my 1 free year had expired and I needed to pay £0.69 

Once paid the official WA client functioned.  I swapped the SIM back to my Jolla phone.  I had to re-authorise the account with the text message delivered PIN number.

Mitakuuluu is now running again.


I did not realise how important to my daily comunication WA had become.

Thanks for all your help.

Grimtech's picture

Sorry Coderus,

I was not thinking, I was just trying to get it working again.


File is on its way


coderus's picture

do [cp /home/nemo/.whatsapp/whatsapp.log /home/nemo/Documents]

Grimtech's picture

using this gives the line

"missing destination file operand after " /home/nemo/.whatsapp/whatsapp.log/home/nemo/Documents"

coderus's picture

you missed space