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MeeCell — cellular network monitor for Harmattan

MeeCell — is simple and stylish application for MeeGo Harmattan which retrieves cellular network name, country code, network code, LAC, Cell ID, signal strength and other parameters from system API and displays retrieved information on the screen.
There is a signal level graph, hence, it's more convenient to track network coverage using this app.
One can stop refreshing the screen by clicking "Pause" button. It is also possible to adjust update period by clicking corresponding button (1 s, 3 s or 10 s).
If 3G mode is active, API's cell ID value is splitted to RNC ID and actual cell ID.
Available data transfer mode (2G - GPRS, 2.5G - EDGE, 3G - UMTS, 3.5G - HSPA) is displayed in the upper right corner of the screen.
MeeCell stores your preferences (settings) in the filesystem. Cell ID and signal level history is written to ~/MyDocs/MeeCell directory.

The software is supplied “as is” and all use is at your own risk.

Application versions: 
File meecell_0.4_armel.deb41.38 KB24/11/2013 - 23:15

meecell (0.4) stable; urgency=medium

* Added graph for the current received signal strength level in percentages
* It is possible now to control the logging granularity
* Cell ID history (last 6 changes) is shown on the screen
* Fixed the issue "operator name is too long"
* Improved signal level graph (it doesn't stop refreshing while running in background)
* Improved the stylesheet


JoneK's picture

Hi, is it possible to get this program to sailfish? :)

chemist's picture

"Possible, but very expensive.." (c) :) No kidding. I don't have Jolla-phone at the moment, and I can't buy it in my country. So, if I manage to buy the device, I'll try to port the application. I ain't keen on "blind debugging" on phone emulator, cause the functionality of the application strongly depends on presence of real GSM/WCDMA module.

JoneK's picture

Any luck getting a Jolla :) or have you abbandonned the project?

chemist's picture

Oh, I have been owning a Jolla phone for about a year already. The trick is that Jolla's cellular module doesn't provide BER (bit error rate), hence, it's impossible to paint the second graph showing the signal quality. Signal quality may be different at a constant signal level, and such difference is not detectable on Jolla. Hence, I decided not to implement the app for SailfishOS. It will be uninteresting. As far as I can see in Intex Aqua Fish specs, it has a similar SoC possibly with the same cellular module. But I keep an eye on SailfishOS and I might change my plans one day :)

manjot's picture

Great!!!.. How are you getting RNC ID ... Its not in SIB?

chemist's picture

At first, I get Cell ID value from Qt Cellular binding ("NetworkCell" class). Then I split it into RNC ID ( cell_id_value / 0xFFFF ) and "short" (in case of WCDMA-mode) Cell ID ( cell_id_value & 0xFFFF ).