Nextcloud Talk (Alpha)

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Nextcloud Talk for Sailfish OS (Alpha) is in a very early stage. At the moment it supports multi-account chat.

The code is available at I learn my Qt/QML/C++ on working on the app (in my little spare time).

Code contributions (or advice) are more than welcome :)


The following list is complete:

  • Legacy-type login with host, username and password. Please create an app password on Nextcloud and use it.
  • Multi-account support
  • List of all conversations, sorted by activity.
    • It contains an unread counter, which is highlighted when an unread mention is present.
    • Regular polling
    • Chat in any conversation
    • loading most recent history
    • constant long-polling of the currently open conversation
    • automatically sets the read marker
    • display of each messages author, avatar, text and date
    • display of the message replied to, if applicable
    • mentions or formatted bold and highlighted when they refer to you
    • sets displaynames of mentions, actors
    • recognize and format links
    • stores the last seen message id per conversation
    • view list of participants, click to mention
    • message context menu to copy, mention and reply
    • file preview, download, open (externally)
  • Online only, nothing is stored on the device except:
    • account data (host, login, token, user ID plus generated account id and name)
    • last seen message id per conversation

Please note

Account information is saved in a plain text file, for reasons. One of them was having reusability for other types of apps in mind (contrary to setting up the same account everywhere again), the lack of being able to add an account profile on Sailfish OS generally, and the lack of a credentials store in Sailfish OS (but there is something coming).

Application versions: 



  • avatars shown in chat view
  • file preview, download, open externally


  • rounded not square avatars
  • author and date are not repeated on consecutive posts
  • user agent is "Mozilla/5.0 Nextcloud Talk for SailfishOS/1.0"

Read the detailed changelog on Codeberg.



  • display replied-to information of a post, if applicable
  • add context menu with options to reply, mention, copy text


  • recover from some network disruptions
  • do not clear chat when entering participant view
  • do not stop chat polling when entering participants view
  • fix duplicated messages when returning from participants view

Read the detailed changelog on Codeberg.


  • added participants page
  • tapping on a participant will add a plain, technical mention (message input does not do rich text currently)



  • multi-accounts
  • conversation list
  • simple chat view (with mention formatting)


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thanks again for this nice app :)

does the app support notification for new incoming messages? Also, on my phone i have the oldest message on top and have to scroll down aaaaall the way to the recent messages. is there a setting or anything?



blizzz's picture

Thanks for your feedback! :)

Notifications are still in my Todo, and one of the things that would raise it out of the alpha state. At the moment, you see the number of new messages on the right of the conversations overview, and highlighted if you are mentioned.

For the scrolling: yes, this is a paper cut. When there are new messages, you are brought down pretty much on the way. If it is a longer list, scroll a bit and then tap in the double arrow down on the scroll bar. But these are just workarounds. So far other things were more annoying to me – next release will have file previews and downloads :D

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Cool, thank you very much !

blizzz's picture

my pleasure :)

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Nice app! I was wondering if you were planning on using a higher resolution image for the cover, i would send a pr but i dont know how to do it in sourcehut

blizzz's picture

Sorry for the late reply.

Actually I am using an SVG image for the cover page … ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ works with patches via mail (basically plain git toolchain), but I agree that the UX is not for every one. I am playing with the thought of moving it to


sashikknox's picture

How about.more popular gitlab or github? I too want to contribute

blizzz's picture

I am not a fan of neither Google nor Microsoft who behind both of them. Codeberg would a good alternative, because it is an NGO and using Gitea, which is very similar to Github and easy to use.

blizzz's picture

Yw! I hope it'll be a good companion :)

yomark's picture

Tnx! Seems to connect fine to my own server instance. However, I'm just starting with talk, so not much talking going on. :)