ownCloud client (beta)

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Access your ownCloud from your SailfishOS device.

Unofficial ownCloud client for SailfishOS.

Allows you to easily access your ownCloud instance with a native open source application.

Donations via PayPal (dev.beidl@gmail.com) are welcome. :)


Application versions: 
harbour-owncloud-0.4-1.armv7hl.rpm958.15 KB12/02/2015 - 06:14
harbour-owncloud-0.4-2.armv7hl.rpm956.81 KB12/02/2015 - 06:36



Marzanna's picture

Thank you for this app! Where can I report bugs?

Technics's picture

Wonderful, thank you very much for this app! :-)

abranson's picture

It was a nice surprise to find that this creates a different directory for the Tablet in my owncloud. I was expecting all sorts of problems...

Thanks for the great app.

romu70's picture

Same for me, can't login, always get "Login failed".

Thanks for this app though.

moony's picture

there has to be a slash at the end of the address: https://hostaddress/

cocovina's picture

+1 THX! With the last slash works much better. :)

moony's picture

I'm happy 'bout this client, but can't log in. I always get "login failed - pls check your password and credentials" it's definetly right. How must the url look like? https://hostname:port/owncloud ?

krobelus's picture

I think the url should be the one where you can also login using the browser.
Maybe you don't have https enabled - try http://hostname:80

wizah's picture

Been using this for a while now on both of our households Jolla phones. I switched ownCloud from a hosting company to a self hosted with a self signed SSL. Now I can login on my Jolla but it complains about the login and password on my wifes Jolla for some reason. I can log her in usin the Android version of ownNote. I've triple checked the typed credentials for typos.

damourti's picture

Hi beidl,

nice app, thank you very much.

Could the Tranfert window show the last activities for example?


heubergen_dev's picture

Hi, thanks for the app again :)

Could you add multiple upload?


Victorious's picture

Thank you for the program. You can open access to SD card?