Patch: Show weather on lockscreen

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Shows weather widget on your lockscreen. 


You can enable weather widget. Currently supports MeeCast and Jolla-weather widgets. It uses eventsview banner! Also it installs sub-patch for Sneak Peek.

  • If you want to use Meecast - you should install MeeCast Events View 
  • If you want to use Jolla-weather - just install Jolla-weather app from Jolla-store and enable additional Lockscreen weather Jolla Weather Sneak Peek patch.
  • Please, unapply additional Sneak Peek patches before Jolla Weather upgrade/uninstalling!

Patch requires SailfishOS 2.0.2.x and the latest Jolla-weather application.

Conflicts with Lockscreen Analog Clock patch. Please, remove it if you want to use patch from this thread.


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Settings moved to Settings - Lock Screen

Added 5-day forecast


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hi on patch dont work anymore. Can you please fix it?

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Superseded by "Lockscreen analog clock", which integrates this functionality and much more.

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[Edit] Note that this Patch needs to be activated in Settings --> Lock screen --> Enable lockscreen weather-widget
Its settings open below this switch, then.

(As I did not notice that in the changelog in the first place, updated text below.)

@Ancelad, the Patch "Lockscreen analog clock weather sneak peek", which comes bundled with "Show weather on lockscreen" is causing issues for me (tested with "Show weather on lockscreen" v2.0.2-51 under SFOS, Patchmanager 2.3.1-10.39.1.jolla and about 35 Patches installed; all from Warehouse):

a. "Patch: Show weather on lockscreen" installs cleanly in Warehouse, but the notification "Failed to remove patch" appears twice while installing.
b. In Patchmanager 2 "Show weather on lockscreen" and "Lockscreen analog clock weather sneak peek" are freshly installed, although Warehouse did not display downloading and installing "Lockscreen analog clock weather sneak peek"! Though this does not happen unexpectedly, as denoted so in your description above.
Side note: I suspect "Lockscreen analog clock weather sneak peek" to cause both "Failed to remove patch" notifications while installing "Show weather on lockscreen", as there is at least one other "Sneak peek"-related Patch installed. But I am unable to determine which ones (as only a single one mentions "sneak peek" in its name). Furthermore I want to keep all these Patches installed and applied.
c. Applying "Show weather on lockscreen" in Patchmanager2 works.
d. After activating it in Settings --> Lock screen, it displays the current weather on the lockscreen. After playing a bit with its settings it looks really nice: Awesome, especially the expandable multi-day forecast, except for in landscape orientation (see below).
e. Trying to uninstall (the never applied) "Lockscreen analog clock weather sneak peek" in Patchmanager 2 also uninstalls "Show weather on lockscreen". This is unfortunate, but somewhat expected.

Note #1: I do not have Jolla weather installed (as I am using MeeCast, meecast-eventview and meecast-demon), hence I do not want / need "Lockscreen analog clock weather sneak peek" at all.

Note #2: I am aware that your Patch "Lockscreen analog clock" has "Show weather on lockscreen" integrated and does not automatically install "Lockscreen analog clock weather sneak peek", but ...
a. one cannot switch off the analog clock, which is not really optimized / hardly optimizable for landscape orientation (too small there), as that is what I am primarily using.
b. it does not provide the ability to display seconds.
c. the embeddable digital clock would need to become bigger, if the analog clock is made optional and switched off.

So please decouple "Lockscreen analog clock weather sneak peek" from "Show weather on lockscreen", as "Lockscreen analog clock weather sneak peek" is already a separately installable Patch and solely for Jolla Weather users.

P.S.: Unfortunately in landscape orientation the vertical position of the weather-widget on the lockscreen is so low, that the bottom half of the icons for the multi-day forecast is off-screen. The "Weather widget top-margin" setting seems to be ignored in landscape, which is good. I suppose it is always "0 px" and that the vertically centered position of time & date is "pushing" the lower half of these icons over the bottom screen edge.
But when looking closely, there is a slight downward sliding motion (i.e. animation) of time & date and the weather-widget when the lockscreen is turning on. At the beginning of this sliding motion the vertical position of time & date with weather-widget is just right. Maybe there is a possibility to stop this motion / animation at its start.
Manual workaround: When slowly starting the swiping (left or right, as usually used to leave the lockscreen) motion, the initial downward animation of time & date (with the weather-widget) is reversed, i.e. it moves upwards so that the weather-widget's multi-day icons become fully visible in landscape orientation. But this only works when Settings --> Device lock --> Use security code is *not* enabled.

HTH & kudos for all your excellent pieces of software.

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Found your Patch Fix landscape lockscreen clock, but unfortunately it notifies "Failed to uninstall patch" while installing under SailfishOS 2.1.0 in Warehouse and fals to apply in Patchmanager 2 on my Jolla Phone (but some conflicting Patch may be installed).

All in all enhancing your Patch "Lockscreen analog clock" with the ability to disable the analog clock (and setting the font size of the digital clock to the original one, then) seems to be the simplest and most easily maintainable approach.  ... and maybe with optional seconds (would be cool on the analog clock as well). ;)

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I will see what I can do with the Analog Clock patch =)

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please, check the latest (0.0.5) version of Analog Clock patch in the web-catalog.

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Thank you, this is looking good.

But unfortunately this new feature of "Lockscreen analog clock" has a few bugs: Reported there.

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You can not apply both patches are in conflict. So either applies analog clock or your patch. Great job anyway.

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It does not work if there is a patch analog clock thanks.

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Read description, please :)

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Great - unfortunately it conflicts (overlays) with 'upcoming events on lock screen' patch 

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Ahh... Sad =)

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I wonder if you want to fix that - or contact the dev of upcoming events patch - would be great to have both - else I can't use your patch as I need the events on a glance ... Cheers

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I can add position slider