Always show group deletion at notifications

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Version 3.0 is updated to support Sailfish version

Before updating disable patch in patchmanager.

Just a simple patch.

I hate it, when I'm used to clicking the group name to delete everything, but when there is only one item in group, you cannot click the group.

Well, now you can.

Version 2 fixes bug, when you had a long group name, the delete icon could not be seen, because it was outside the screen, now the group name shrinks.

Requires for version 2 or for version 3 (don't blame me if you install it with lower versions and it breaks something)

Don't forget to restart services after applying.


- This patch took inspiration in Chrome and Firefox versioning system, so we have a new major version here (2.0). Oh, and it fixes a little bug.


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I really like this idea, but your patch doesn't work at all on my phone, I never see the deletion button by default. In other words, this patch doesn't change anything on my phone.

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what version of Sailfish do you have?

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Well, it should appear, when you do a long press on events view.

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Yes, when I do a long press, I see it, but that was already the case without the patch. I thought your patch is to display the button without having to do the long press, am I wrong?

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It displays the button even for groups, where you have only one item as you can see in screenshots.

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Yes, that's why I installed it, but it shows nothing on my phone.

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Well, without this patch, if you long press to delete items and you have a group with only one item, there is no delete button with the group. With this patch there is a delete button even for groups with only one item. But you still have to do the long press.

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Very Thanks!

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Hehe, funny description, but very thx. Same irritated me! :)

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You're welcome :)