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The Storeman Installer for SailfishOS performs the initial installation of the Storeman OpenRepos client application: Storeman Installer selects, downloads and installs the right variant of Storeman built for the CPU-architecture of the device and its installed SailfishOS release.


Starting with version 0.2.9, Storeman is built by the help of the SailfishOS-OBS and initially installed by the Storeman Installer (or manually). To update from Storeman < 0.2.9 (needs SailfishOS ≥ 3.1.0), one should reinstall Storeman via the Storeman Installer (which installs the current Storeman release, and since Storeman Installer 1.3.0 automatically removes a Storeman < 0.3.0 before that) or manually remove Storeman < 0.2.9 and install Storeman ≥ 0.3.0. After an initial installation of Storeman ≥ 0.3.0, further updates of Storeman will be performed within Storeman, as usual.

The Storeman Installer works on any SailfishOS release ≥ 3.1.0 and all supported CPU-architectures (armv7hl, i486 and aarch64). The current Storeman Installer RPM can be obtained from this page at (i.e., right here, below), plus alternatively from its "latest release" page at GitHub and the SailfishOS-OBS.

If you use the SailfishOS:Chum community repository, e.g., via the SailfishOS:Chum GUI application, you can install Storeman from there, without the indirection via Storeman Installer.

The current RPMs of Storeman proper can be obtained for manual installation from Storeman's releases section at GitHub; the RPMs of older Storeman releases are also available there, e.g., v0.1.8 which works on SailfishOS 2.2.1.  Alternatively the current RPMs of Storeman proper can be obtained from the SailfishOS-OBS.

Important notes

  • If you have any troubles with installing, removing or updating packages after a SailfishOS upgrade, try running devel-su pkcon refresh in the terminal app.
  • Before software can be built for a SailfishOS release at the SailfishOS-OBS, Jolla must create a corresponding "download on demand (DoD)" OBS-repository. It often takes some time after a new "general availability (GA)" SailfishOS release is published before the corresponding "DoD" repository is being made available, during which installing or updating Storeman by the Storeman Installer or Storeman's self-updating on a device with the new SailfishOS release already installed will fail; consequently this is always the case during the "closed beta (cBeta)" and "early access (EA)" phases of a new SailfishOS release. Hence one has to either manually set the last prior SailfishOS GA release in the SailfishOS:Chum GUI application or manually download and install or update Storeman built for the last prior SailfishOS GA release, then.
  • Disclaimer: Storeman and Storeman Installer may still have flaws, kill your kittens or break your SailfishOS installation! Although this is very unlikely after years of testing by many users, new flaws may be introduced in any release (as for any software). Be aware, that the license you implicitly accept by using Storeman excludes any liability.

Installation instructions

  • Enable "System → Security → Untrusted software → Allow untrusted software" in the SailfishOS Settings app.
  • Download the current Storeman Installer RPM from this page at (i.e., right here, below) or alternatively from its "latest release" page at GitHub or the SailfishOS-OBS.
  • Tap on the "File downloaded" notification on your SailfishOS device or select the downloaded RPM file in a file-manager app and choose "Install" in its pulley menu; then confirm the installation.
  • Preferably disable "Allow untrusted software" again.
  • Tap on the "Storeman Installer" icon on the device's app grid ("launcher") and wait until the Storeman installation finishes - the "Storeman Installer" icon should be replaced by the icon of Storeman proper; even though the icons and their text look similarly on first sight, they are distinctively different.
  • The Storeman Installer is automatically removed ("uninstalled") when Storeman is being installed.

Reporting issues, filing suggestions, asking for help



Application versions: 
File harbour-storeman-installer-1.3.1-release1.noarch.rpm61.18 KB01/12/2022 - 04:18
File harbour-storeman-installer-1.3.2-release1.noarch.rpm61.75 KB01/12/2022 - 05:41

- Start pkcon commands with the options -pn (#130) - Tidy spec file as implemented in v2.0 (#130) - Clarify comment (#128)


ScumCoder's picture

This does not work on XPeria10III @ VanhaRauma.

In order to install one has to manually d/l the aarch64 version from github and install it with

pkcon install-local harbour-storeman-0.3.1-3.aarch64.rpm
olf's picture

Please file a bug report (preferrably using the bug template) at

Without knowing the installed SailfishOS version exactly and which Storeman Installer version was used, it is impossible to address this.

> This does not work on XPeria10III @ VanhaRauma.

I can assure you, that it does for many.  Still I would like to understand what causes this issue for you, maybe others are affected, too.

objectifnul's picture

Sorry, I give up. I think I applied the DST root CA x3 fix correctly, then tried all available storeman releases again, no avail. I'm just an average user, this is beyond my skills and I don't have time to investigate further. My old Jolla phone is just a secondary device. is okay, no storeman needed.

olf's picture

Oh, I missed to advise to also install a newer OpenSSL package from here:

If you are doing this manually (without Storeman), you also have to download the OpenSSL-libs RPM (omit the -devel RPM):

When using the command line, you have to install these in one go (using the ARMv7 RPMs for your Jolla1 in this example):
pkcon install-local openssl-1.1.1kgit1-1.7.4.jolla_.armv7hl.rpm openssl-libs-1.1.1kgit1-1.7.4.jolla_.armv7hl.rpm

kidneystealer's picture

I'm commenting because I'm having similar issues, not related to storeman itself so sorry about that... I'm running a port and this was a version I was able to install directly (not through the installer because of auth issues) because it required (libsolv0 package instead of libsolv):

I went through the certificate fix per the guide you linked, installed these newer OpenSSL packages as per your instructions, do I have to do anything else? I'm still getting Curl error 60 - SSL certificate problem: certificate has expired. :(

olf's picture

Sorry for replying so late, I am currently maintaining Storeman alone and lack the time to address comments here at OpenRepos in an timely manner.

> I'm commenting because I'm having similar issues, not related to storeman itself so sorry about that...

The second part of your message sounds, as if the opposite is the case: You did not use Storeman-Installer, resulting in issues with Storeman proper, because it seems that you manually installed an outdated version (from Mentaljam's unmaintained OBS-repository).

> not through the installer because of auth issues

What does that mean?  Which "auth issues"?  What was the exact error message?  With which Storeman-Installer version?  Does Storeman-Installer work, when started at the command line?  Please open a proper bug report with all these pieces of information at

objectifnul's picture

I can navigate at openrepos with the native browser. I was not aware of the DST root CA x3 affair. Will apply it later this week.

objectifnul's picture

Still investigating, and it's likely to be long. So far, I didn't find any Storeman release that is working on my good old Jolla phone (Sfos Some releases couldn't be installed (dependency error), some did install but don't work (network error). I think I tried all armv7hl.rpm releases available at github. Maybe twenty or so.

olf's picture

Well, I can assure you that Storeman v0.1.8 works fine on my Jolla1@SFOS2.2.1.

Likely your issue is not directly related to Storeman.

Again: Can you sucessfully navigate at OpenRepos with the native web-browser (IIRC called "Browser")?

Did you apply the DST Root CA X3 fix?

objectifnul's picture

Storeman v0.1.8 fails to install on sfos3.4.0.24. "Nothing provides"

objectifnul's picture

Storeman Installer 1.2.7 actually works on Jolla phone, but the Storeman it installs (v0.3.0) doesn't work (keeps displaying "Network Error" all the time)

olf's picture

Then please file a bug report for Storeman proper:
Also check that you can indeed reach in the native web-browser on that device and include the result in your bug report.
If you want to help bisecting this error, you can download all older versions of Storeman from the GitHub releases page:
It would be very helpful to know the newest working version of Storeman (respectively the oldest non-working one, if even older versions work) on your Jolla1@SFOS3.4.0.

objectifnul's picture

Not working for Jolla phone/SFOS

olf's picture

Does Storeman Installer work, when called at the command line (as the regular, primary user: nemo or defaultuser)?