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Are you tired of not knowing who is using your apps?
Now you can easy lock apps on your Phone with a special password you can choose freely.
So you are sure that your friends, parents or children can not check your photos, mails or chats if you want to let them play a game or use navigation.

Applock is a small App to lock some Apps with a special PIN.
It's only for SailfishOS.

It's only tested with Sailfish on Jolla 1.
The app is my first app I publish, so I would be happy about any comments :)

Thanks a lot to Adriano C. for the new icon style!

WARNING: Use this app at you own risk! It may damage your device! This app requires root privilegs! It just stops users from opening your apps if they don't use a terminal! So if you have activated developer mode this application can't prevent others from opening your locked apps!

Known Issues:

-Some Apps will not be locked (e.g. Phone or Documents)

-not working for notifications ( if you click on a notification of an app, you could open this without entering your PIN)



Application versions: 
File harbour-applock-0.3.4-1.armv7hl.rpm167.15 KB11/04/2018 - 19:19
File harbour-applock-0.3.5-1.armv7hl.rpm175.55 KB26/02/2019 - 18:35

Version 0.3.5:
- Option to disable password protection temporarily
- Removing of senseless notifications
- Some Apps like Settings, Mails or Messages can now be protected

Older Versions:
-New Icons

-coveraction added

-User is getting a hint which app may can not be correcty locked

-User is getting feedback if an error occurred

- if there was an error changing an App to be locked the App will not be listed anymore

- Password is not stored as clear text anymore


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Sadly not working on xa2 ultra with latest build, and uninstall leaving the icon visible, any solution on one of these issues. ?

objectifnul's picture

Nice indeed. However, users should be aware of how easy it is to circumvent applock with a terminal command...

yajo's picture

Thank's for the hint. I have updated the description.

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Nice app. It could be useful option to ask code again after locked app still runs but lost focus.

Rafaelvlmendes's picture

App work fine in Xperia X. New future update add mazelock and option to no open app 2x with applock

eson's picture

Great idea, but where is the source code?

crakby's picture

After version android apps are not lockable anymore.

yajo's picture

Thanks for your reply. Can you please tell me, which phone you have?

On my Jolla Phone 1 it is working quite well.

Please also be sure that you do not have installed packages like 'Android Control'. This may cause this error.

If you do not have installed, please go into my app, lock your favorite android app and please send me the output of the command 'cat /usr/share/aoplications/*.desktop | grep applock -A 8'

Of course you do not have to paste it there you also can semd it by mail.

Thanks in advance

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I have 'aliendalvik-control' installed, but before 3.12 also. I have XperiaX. But after update today, android apps llockable again, thanks. Shall I still deinstall 'aliendalvik-control' and make some more tests?

yajo's picture

No, thank you. But maybe aliendalvik-control and applock installed both at the same time can result to strange behaviour.

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Hello, since the fingerprint is now working at sony devices, can you insert the fingerprint function in the app? :)

yajo's picture

Hello, I'm sorry, but I don't think so. I just have a Jolla Phone 1 so I won't be able to test these function. But if somebody would like to implement this at himselve I could publish the source code at

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I am using it on on Nexus 4 and works great. Thanks. Giving 5/5 ratings.

itdoesntmatt's picture

i love your work. very nice- tough i am experiencing the same bug about android apps. native ones are lockable, android ones are not.

yajo's picture

Thanks for your answer. I even don't know why this bug exists. I have posted a comment where I describe a idea how you could help me to solve the bug. If you want to help me, you could post the output of these commands. Futhermore could you post what type of Phone and wich system version do you have? Jolla 1, Jolla C, Table etc.


itdoesntmatt's picture

sent by email. I have a jolla C

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After upgrade to 0.2.2-1, no app could be actually locked (tried with whisperfish, web pirate, mozembed, webcat). Did I miss something?

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Same Problem with me on this version

yajo's picture

You are right. I'm sorry. There was just a minimal problem with the installing procedure. So I've solved the problem in the current version.

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Great App!

DameCENO's picture

Works for Sailfish apps but failed when I tried it on ESFile explorer

yajo's picture

I tried it on ESFile Explorer successfull. Have you tried it with other apps? And have you started your Android support?

DameCENO's picture

Yes sir, android support working, and it still doesn't lock android apps, tried with Xplore, MXplayer, Android assistant, no luck, did I do something wrong?

yajo's picture

Strange, I tried it now with MXplayer and it works for me. But can you lock native apps?

If you're familiar with terminal it would be helpful, if you can post the output of the command:

<code> ls -all /usr/bin/harbour-applock-helper </code>

Then it would be nice if you lock one of these app e.g. MXplayer and post also the output of these command:

<code> grep "harbour-applock --start-pin" /usr/share/applications/* </code>


DameCENO's picture

<code> ls -all /usr/bin/harbour-applock-helper <code>

Output: no such file or folder

<code> grep "harbour-applock--start-pin" /usr/share/applications/* <code>

Output: noting happens, it is not even giving an output

So what next?

yajo's picture

Just a simple qestion: Have you insert the <code< tag's too? If yes, can you please insert the commands without <code> and </code> tags.

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The list of lockable apps would be more convenient if sorted alphabetically and/or with a search field.

yajo's picture

Good idea! I'll work on this.

p_pahare's picture

Really very Nice app Bro Giving 5/5 ratings

DameCENO's picture

Willing to test it on as it has been on my waiting list for long