Patch: Returns pulley menu to email view

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**Version 0.1-2 fixes the delete mail problem when in mail view**

**Version 0.1-3 fixes the blanking/fading problem with main view**

Built for Jolla1, tested only on Jolla1 Pallas

As per a discussion on SFO, some people don't like the new UI for viewing emails, especially the 'Android' like buttons and the loss of the pulley menu, this patch fixes that, but ONLY in the email view. You will still see the 'buttons on bar' in some views of the email client, like when deleting bulk emails.

As for devices other than Jolla1, . . . . .YMMV.

Thanks to user wgs for the streamline code for the pulley menu, which meant I could use less code in the patch!.

Conversation on SFO;

Application versions: 

Version 0.1-2 - Fixes the deleting mail problem in main view

Version 0.1-3 fixes the blanking/fading problem with main view


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Thanks for making the patch, tried it today.
On my Xperia X, I unfortunately have the same problem as PawelSpoon with transparency after clicking the fourth mail. And i noticed that the text of the pulley actions is in English. When I looked into the diff file I saw, that the texts are hard-coded there. I did some research.
May I make a suggestion? In addition to the change in the activation of the pulley proposed by the user wgs, and the code from yours hiding the Footer we would only have to include this part instead of the code for the entire pulley to make the delete function work.

        MessageViewPullDown {
                onRemoveRequested: view.removeRequested()

I inserted this part after Line 197/198 also in the HtmlViewer.qml:

        VerticalScrollDecorator { color: Theme.highlightBackgroundColor }
        HorizontalScrollDecorator { color: Theme.highlightBackgroundColor }

        MessageViewPullDown {
                onRemoveRequested: view.removeRequested()



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Hello again s_mario,

your code snippet seems to be working. I'm testing now, playing with plain and html emails, deleting, moving around, back and forth of other accounts and so far, the fading problem is **not** occurring.......fingers crossed. I will play extensively before amending the patch. 

It stills seems strange to me that my second version of the patch took so many days to actually fail, I cannot fathom that at all. I'm also surprised that so few users have reported the same problem.


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Don't worry, it will be ready when the time is right. Don't put yourself under such pressure ;-).

Kind regards.


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Updated. Should be okay now, at least on my Jolla1 device. I have fiddled about extensively and have yet to see any problems.....but maybe Xperia devices still have the problem?, which I cannot test as I don't own any such device. Let me know, thank you.

s_mario's picture

Yes it works now also very well on my XperiaX.

Markkyboy's picture

Hi, thanks for your input. I have little spare time at the moment, family, computer problems, car problems, etc. When I get 5 minutes, I'll play about some more. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Yep, same problem but only with my Exchange work account, Gmail works fine. And what is more strange even in Exchange some mails do open just fine..

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It started suddenly yesterday: it breaks the view to become iall transparent. First i thought it is okboard, but it seems to be his patch. Xperia 10. View gets loaded, shorty you see some text, then it eitr disapperars or starts kinda blinking

Markkyboy's picture

Yeah, strange. No problems until now. Then I saw your comment here, checked it out on my Jolla1 and sure enough, it did exactly what you said which basically crashes the email application in my case. I'm not sure where to start, removing, installing and reactivating the patch makes no difference and why after only a few days does a problem show.....weird, oh well, sorry, for now. If I find a fix, I will update the patch.

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Thank you :)

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Fixed version works, great work!

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I'm new to using patches. Why isn't this one showing up in patchmanager 3.0 (using Xperia X)?

Thanks for your help.

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I've noticed this, it happens on my device, but not always. I thought it was a problem with patchmanager, but coderus says it is not.

I have found sometimes I need to select 'Unapply patches' from Patchmanager pulley menu and then the patch appears and can be applied..

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It kind of works on Xperia XA2 dual SIM. Meaning pulley menu is there and "Reply" and "Forward" seems to work but "Delete" doesn't. Just goes back to e-mail list.

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Fixed in version 0.1-2
Try it, let me know, thanks

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Indeed, well spotted, I'll look into it.

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Great! It works fine on my Xperia 10 Dualsim! Thank You!

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Good to know, thanks for reporting :)

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It works on Xperia 10 Plus.Thanks.

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Good to know, thanks for reporting :)