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Audiocut is a small tool for audio manipulation. It might be useful in cutting recordings, changing volume and playback speeds, fade-in and fade-out, copy-paste between tracks, adding silence, tags or converting file types. It also offers some filters.

How to:
1) Use both - overview and cursor - to reach your desired area.
2) Mark region by pressing marker-buttons. Long-pressing will set markers to beginning / end.
3) Apply tools.

Audiocut requires python3-pydub library and ffmpeg-tools to be installed, which should happen automatically during install. Optionally you may install LAME for mp3 encoding.

This is an early alpha version with limited functionality!

Application versions: 
File harbour-audiocut-0.1-4.armv7hl.rpm56.76 KB23/07/2020 - 18:16
File harbour-audiocut-0.1-5.armv7hl.rpm56.94 KB29/07/2020 - 13:05

- "python3-pydub" should be automatically downloaded during install
- bugfix: apply fade-in/out tools without marking does not crash pydub

- added: encode as mp3 with LAME
- added: metadata tags support

- preparation: dynamic home path


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Does it support lossless cutting (without recompressing)? It might be a great tool to cut unneeded parts off the dictophone records made by the phone itself.

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Internally it saves each step you apply as lossless .wav file, which is PCM audio standard. If you save your work as .wav or .flac you get lossless audio just as provided from source. If you save as .ogg or .mp3 it will be re-encoded and compressed and some losses will occur.

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Fixed now in v0.1-3. Thanks for your input.

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Will try to do so. Unfortunately the file is too big for email and Firefox Send is currently down. Will find something else.

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Tried to apply a "fade in" effect on a 8Mb stereo ogg-vorbis file (4.5 minutes, 450 kbps). Process still not completed after 20 minutes.

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Just tried a large ogg file and it worked here. Oggs naturally need de- and recompression, so they are a bit slow to handle, especially when battery is low and processors step down. But this definitely looks like a bug. Would you mind sending me the particular file for debugging?

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Thanks, this is starting to get quite comprehensive!

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Thanks for your feedback. Is the update working for you now?

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Very nice start, thanks. The trim command is to me a little unintuitive in what it cuts, maybe do a 'trim outer' and 'trim inner' (and maybe left/right only) function separately?

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It's ok now with ffmpeg-tools installed, thx. This should be mentioned in the description.