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Image editing on Sailfish OS. Imageworks gives you all necessary tools to perform free and fixed ratio cropping, rotation, resizing and scaling, filters and effects, color manipulation, perspective transformation, drawing and annotation, renaming, saving in various formats including multipage PDF, read EXIF data, copy-paste between pictures and more.

In order to use Imageworks, you also need to install python3-pillow.

For support and feature requests kindly use email.

License: MIT

Application versions: 
File harbour-simplecrop-0.4-7.i486.rpm379 KB07/05/2020 - 15:31
File harbour-simplecrop-0.4-7.armv7hl.rpm378.78 KB07/05/2020 - 15:31
File harbour-simplecrop-0.5-3.armv7hl.rpm3.68 MB05/08/2020 - 17:47
File harbour-simplecrop-0.5-3.i486.rpm3.68 MB05/08/2020 - 17:47

- added: 20 new color filters
- added: filter preview


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Thank you so much :)

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Hello Planetos! First thanks for the great app. Unfortunately there's one feature missing for me (or at least I couldn't find it): Changing aspect ratio without cropping. What I mean is: There is an image with a ratio of 3:2 and you want it as 1:1. Now you can either crop it or you fill the other side with a background color (without losing a part of the image). Would it be possible to add this feature? :) This is often used when uploading to instagram especially if you upload more than one image and these have different aspect ratios.

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Function added :)

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Should be fixed now, enjoy. Sourcecode can be sent via mail.

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Hey, the thing freezes in landscape mode for me. Where can I find the source code?

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If you recently updated to SF 3.3, you need to remove python3-pillow and reinstall it. It will auto-detect the new python version during installation. Deinstall can be done using Storeman or Terminal ('devel-su' ... enter password from developer tools ... 'pkcon remove python3-pillow').

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Does the new update give you the possibility to make a fully self-contained app? Does it include the required Python libraries?

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It is possible and I am actually using it on emulator. Nonetheless there might be errors, if a second pillow version is installed on the same system and/or python updates as with SF 3.3. Safer way is to use shared libraries, so I decided to publish my work this way. If you need a custom version with python3-pillow included, you are most welcome to contact me on email, see 'about' page in app.

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I tried installing Python-3 pillow but it fails on my XA2 Plus. I would love a self-contained version via email :-)

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fantastic. I would ask for option to apply 3d LUT files, like cube.

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Included now :)

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omg this is a game changer!

thank you so much! there is no such functionality under android. so sailfish is the best now!

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Very nice, and much needed. Thank you

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pillow need rebuild with sfos 3.3

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Amazing Birdzhang already updated pillow for SF 3.3 for us. Opening his repository using any browser, you may see different files for different SF versions available.

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Python-pillow need to update later, because sfos 3.3 using a later version

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@planetos, while the Copy and Paste operations handle ARGB-PNGs well (enabling one to copy an image with transparency ("Alpha channel") onto another one), AFAICS there is currently no way to control the Alpha values of an image.
The ability to set and alter the Alpha values in whole picture operations and as the color (ARGB instead of RGB) used for pixel ("Draw") operations would be nice.

In conjunction with a new function to set all pixels in an image which are "at", "same or below" or "same or above" an ARGB value to another ARGB value, the Alpha channel support can be used e.g. as a stencil operation by setting all pixel values above #00e0e0e0 to fully transparent (#ff000000).
The "=, <=, >=" comparisons shall be done for each component (Alpha, Red, Green and Blue) and only if all four comparisons fulfill the "=, <=, >=" criteria the pixel is set to the new value.

P.S.: WRT statically linking libraries, the general advice is not to do that, especially for mobile devices.  By offering a python-pillow RPM in your OpenRepos repository (e.g. copying @Birdzhang's RPM) this dependency is fulfilled without enabling another repository or installing it manually.

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Rgb is okay for me:) where it can be translated? Is transifex or github project?

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I really like how the paste buffer remains intact even when loading another image from the gallery. Finally we can merge images directly on the phone!!

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Did someone mentioned: Great!

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v0.2-3 not working. Reverted to v0.2-2 which is working fine (XperiaX)

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v0.2-5 okay.

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@planetos, thank you so much for developing Imageworks, which already provides an impressive set of functions as of v0.2.

While working with it, I ran into a few issues:

  • A free color chooser seems to be missing, at least inputting RGB hex values directly. I was only able to choose from a set of predefined colors.
    For a simple, but capable, native implementation (in QML), see Color Chooser (installable from the Jolla Store).
  • A color picker to determine a pixel's color value (at least as RGB hex value) also seems to be currently missing.
  • For inspirations WRT functionality and GUI, you may take a look at Photo Editor (by dev.mcgyver / iudesk; for Android), which is by far the best Android app I found for this purpose.


  • Oh, and I failed to find the source code of Imageworks. Is it deliberately non-public or didn't I search diligently enough?
  • I did not run into any trouble installing python3-numpy and python3-pillow from @birdzhang's OpenRepos repository and using them per Imageworks on an XperiaX@SFOS3.2.1
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(Missed to mention these small feature requests)

  • Crop to X : Y pixels would be another very useful addition (and supposedly an easy one).
  • The ability to access image metadata ("picture information"), at least height and width (in pixels), color depth etc. (maybe EXIF data, if present).
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App so much missed in sailfish! Worked well with python3-pillow installed until I installed python3-numphy. Result endless processing in every function, weel keeps on spinning. Uninstalled Imageworks and python3-numphy. Reinstalled Imageworks, no help nothing works anymore :(

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sorry I'm so stupid... but how to save a cropped image? Opening a file, defining a crop area, plus save from pulldown menu saves the complete area not the cropped image. What am I messing up here?

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Can you make an x86 version available for tablets? I think this would make a nice addition to my tab :)

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Great to finally se a aimple image editing app for sailfish. Awesome! :)

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This is a really nice app that SailfishOS has been missing from the very beginning!
Where is the source code repository?