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Fileman a tool to view files on Sailfish OS.


  • Preview JPEG, PNG and GIF files
  • Install Android APK and Sailfish packages
  • Select multiple files
  • Cut, copy and paste files
  • Rename files and folders
  • Create new folders
  • Delete files and folders
  • Show hidden files
  • Change permissions
  • Share files


  • Fileman has become abandonware. The Dev stopped the development.

Fileman license:

  • Fileman is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0

Fileman icons:

  • Fileman icons made by Gregguh.
Application versions: 
File harbour-fileman-1.1-6.armv7hl.rpm493.73 KB26/09/2019 - 20:38
File harbour-fileman-1.1-6.i486.rpm507.2 KB26/09/2019 - 20:38

v1.1-release 6
- [MINOR BUGFIX] Add new directory or file bug fixed

v1.1-release 5
- [UPDATE] Languages update

v1.1-release 4
- [MINOR BUGFIX] Rework welcome page
- [MINOR BUGFIX] Rework the donation page
- [MINOR BUGFIX] Small bugs here and there
- [UPDATE] Translation page
- [UPDATE] Languages update

v1.1-release 3
- [UPDATE] Languages update

v1.1-release 2
- [MINOR BUGFIX] Added fix to view file details of search results, thanks to sargo-devel for the PR
- [MINOR BUGFIX] Adding welcome page
- [MINOR BUGFIX] Rewrite internal video player can play now also mp4
- [UPDATE] Languages update

v1.1-release 1
- [MINOR BUGFIX] Adding search in directory, this is disabled into empty directorys
- [MINOR BUGFIX] Adding option to adjust overlay
- [ADDED] Italian language

v1.0-release 20
- [UPDATE] Updated all translation

v1.0-release 19
- [UPDATE] Adding GitHub links to about screen
- [UPDATE] Adding Fileman Wiki to settings screen
- [CLEAN] Clean up Fileman code
- [MINOR BUGFIX] Fix small bug into filedirectory stuff

v1.0-release 18
- [MINOR BUGFIX] Fix display wrong strings after install rpm or apk

v1.0-release 17
- [MINOR BUGFIX] Fix install rpm and apk files

v1.0-release 16
- [UPDATE] Updated all translation
- [UPDATE] Fileman icons to grey style, fix for lite ambiences
- [MINOR BUGFIX] Fix unknow files as doc, docx, xls, xlsx, pdf

v1.0-release 15
- [UPDATE] Updated all translation

v1.0-release 14
- [MINOR BUGFIX] You can open now video's into the media player to play
- [MINOR BUGFIX] Fix to show pictures with uppercase extention

v1.0-release 13
- [UPDATE] Updated all translation
- [UPDATE] Update to new bookmark icon
- [MINOR BUGFIX] Small bug fixes

v1.0-release 12
- [MINOR BUGFIX] Shortcut label name, thanks to Markkyboy

v1.0-release 11
- [UPDATE] Updated translations

v1.0-release 10
- [MINOR BUGFIX] Updated translations Swedish and Chinees
- [NEW] Search for file inside directory and show where file is into the directory
- [MINOR BUGFIX] Other small bug fixes

v1.0-release 9
- [MINOR BUGFIX] Fix missing translation strings
- [NEW] Search work into progress !
- [MINOR BUGFIX] Fix display correct tar and zip archive name
- [MINOR BUGFIX] Other small bug fixes

v1.0-release 8
- [MINOR BUGFIX] Updated translations Swedish and Chinese
- [NEW] Fileman icons updated inside the app
- [NEW] Display a black background when viewing image and video files
- [NEW] Adding cache for pictures to settings, first load take some time
- [REMOVED] Removed grid view and make list view more complete to show pictures correctly

v1.0-release 7

When you install release 7, please remove first the Fileman.conf into: /home/nemo/.config/Fileman directory !

- [MINOR BUGFIX] Updated translation
- [MINOR BUGFIX] Removed cache picture on load and rewrite loading for pictures faster loading, pictures still resize and this take some time when you have a lot
- [NEW] Musicplayer now support flac sound files to play
- [NEW] Fileman icons changed inside the app

v1.0-release 6
- [MINOR BUGFIX] Updated translation
- [MINOR BUGFIX] Bug fixes
- [NEW] Adding List/Grid directory view mode, long file names would be display in smaller font
- [NEW] Fileman icon thanks to Gregguh.

v1.0-release 5
- [MINOR BUGFIX] Updated translation
- [NEW] Adding Root shortcut to the home Places overview

v1.0-release 4
- [MINOR BUGFIX] Updated translation
- [MINOR BUGFIX] Fixed small bug into the directory listing


Rudi_Timmermans's picture

Next update i will fix it.

jakecn's picture

Why don't you put this app on the official store so more people will use it. It's a very good app!

Historyscholar's picture


Rudi_Timmermans's picture


It use depencies that are not allow into the store. So not possible to put there.

jakecn's picture

Very good app !Thanks for the new update!

jakecn's picture

Very good app but the transition is not complete in Chinese like “1 entry selected ”“all files were deleted successfully ”

Rudi_Timmermans's picture

I know next version should it be fixed...

sashikknox's picture

When i back to.previous dir, its shiw me dir from begin, not from last pos, that sad, cant use it... Fix it please

Rudi_Timmermans's picture

That's wierd on my device XA2 i dont have that...

Bocephus's picture

Better icon! :)

inta's picture

Ok, I'll have a look when I'm back from my holidays. Github stuff is not really doable without a computer.

inta's picture

Hey Rudi, where can I contribute to the translations? The project seems to be removed from transifex.

Rudi_Timmermans's picture
Qleg's picture

@Rudi_Timmermans. Is it possible to choose Directory view as in the version 1.0-2?

Rudi_Timmermans's picture


You mean like Grid view ? It would be comming back into the next version i need to rewrite it first.

Qleg's picture

It's possible change View(List/Grid) for Directories(v.1.0-7). But isn't possible for Files :-(

Rudi_Timmermans's picture

No for files not, i will add it on my todo list.

Qleg's picture

like here in the right screenshot. Many thanks

anasyntes's picture

Great! Thanks!

Historyscholar's picture